Um Plateau


Um Plateau Luxemburg: ceviche en lobster risotto for dinner

7 December 2015

this is the spot you want to eat during your city trip to luxembourg

Luxembourg is not that hip, but that doesn’t mean that hotspots can’t be found there. Um Plateau is an example of a restaurant that you do want to visit while in Luxembourg. The personnel looks very French (chique), something we love. The wine is on a different table and will be poured in our glasses when the waiter thinks it’s time for this. In beautiful French he explains to us what are the day specials.

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Un Plateau

The French elements can be found at the bar as well. The champagne bottles are being cooled to pour them in your glass at any moment. Always good to start off your dinner festive. And also check out the print of the bar stools! I thought it was nice to see how modern design is being combined with authentic elements like stained glass. This is something you see everywhere in Luxembourg.

Un Plateau

Un Plateau

The menu is full of nice dishes and actually we can’t make a decision. That’s why we decide to go for some dishes to share, so that we can try a bit of everything.

We choose the charcuterie, ceviche and the carpaccio made of scallops. Everything served beautifully. And it tastes so good! Especially the ceviche.

Un Plateau The carpaccio of scallops is a beauty when it reaches the table. The flower looks nice for the colour, but the taste is even better!Un Plateau

For the main we decide to go for the Um Plateau burger and the lobster risotto. This is also served with an edible flower and tastes lovely. We highly recommend this when having dinner at Um Plateau.

Un PlateauUn Plateau

The food at Um Plateau was all together a lovely, chique experience. You’re being treated like in France, but with in the food influences from all around the world.

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Um Plateau

6 Plt. Altmuenster, 1123

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