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Sofitel Le Grand Ducal Luxembourg: super deluxe hotel in heart of centre

3 December 2015

lovely hotel where the word luxury still means something

Welcome to Luxembourg! The city of luxury, nice food and beautiful art. When you stay in Luxembourg for a night, it’s a good idea to stay in the Sofitel Le Grand Ducal. At arrival the taxi drives us straight to the door, so we don’t have to be bothered by the rain drops that are unfortunately coming down from the sky. The pompous door is held open by a very friendly concierge that welcomes me by calling: “bonjour mademoiselle!”

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A colourful art work jumps out immediately when we walk into the lobby. From a distance it looks like a drawing of a group of people, but from up close it turns out to be stickers. Pixel art, they call that here, and it turns out to be a returning theme in the hotel.

Le Grand Ducal

When I get the room key, I get in the elevator as fast as possible. Le Grand Ducal is a five star hotel and that means the rooms must be great too. And wow, they are! The room is pretty big with some cute pink details. Makes you very happy when you walk into the room. The best parts are the gigantic bed (King Size +, if that’s even a thing) and the big rain shower. It’s in the middle of the room and made out of non-translucent glass so you can’t secretly peek in ;-).

Le Grand Ducal

By the way, can you see the pixels in the wallpaper? Just like in the lobby! I get really excited when I walk into the bathroom and see the bath robe hanging there. And a big bonus: there are Hermès soaps to be used. That’s going to be the best shower ever!

Le Grand Ducal Le Grand Ducal

At night there’s a chocolate placed on my pillow: how decadent. And there are some slippers next to the bed, ready to be used. Also great: the pillow menu on the nightstand. On the menu are different pillows: from fluff to feathers and for both belly- and back sleepers. With just a call to the reception you can order your perfect cushion! While I wait I grab an ice cold Limonata (my favourite soda, how did they know that?) from the mini bar. The mini bar is included in the room price, just like the WiFi.

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What makes the hotel extra nice are the restaurant and the bar on the eighth floor. From here you have a panoramic view over the historic part of Luxembourg town.

Le Grand Ducal

Le Grand Ducal

A few nights a year the bar is transformed into the La Nuit concept: a party, people from all over Luxembourg love to visit. DJ’s spin some records and the champagne and cocktails are brought in regularly. La Nuit is a chic party that perfectly suits the luxury feeling Luxembourg has.

Le Grand Ducal

The next morning I wake up completely rested. Great, because breakfast is calling again. It’s served in the restaurant on the eighth floor, the place the party was organized yesterday evening. Normally I don’t eat as much in the morning, but at Le Grand Ducal everything looks nice. There is a room to keep the bread and only the bread, it’s sort of a baguette altar! There’s also a waffle iron where fresh waffles (with hazelnut caramel sea salt pasta) can be made. And for the health freaks: all kinds of nice yoghurts and special fruit: from baby bananas to dragon fruit.

Move over Nutella, at Le Grand Ducal you get fresh waffles with caramel sea salt hazelnut pasta!

Le Grand Ducal Le Grand Ducal
If you like real luxury and good service, Le Grand Ducal is a good spot for you. Became enthusiastic? Check here to find out the best prices!

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Le Grand Ducal

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