5 x reasons to travel to Västerbotten in Swedish Lapland

10 August 2017

this is why you want to go to Västerbotten in swedish lapland

Västerbotten in the South of Swedish Lapland is probably not the first destination you’ll think about while booking your vacation. But if you love nature then it’s surely worth the effort to deepen into this region in Sweden. Most certainly if you’re a lover of outdoor activities because you fill your days here with cycling, walking or catching your own fish. During the winter you make trips here through the pristine nature with a dog sled or snow scooter. It’s for sure that you’ll come at ease here, because the most hotels have a sauna or a hot tub. In this blog I’ll shar five more reasons with you as to why you should definitely go to Västerbotten, Swedish Lapland sometime.

5 x reasons to travel around in Västerbotten, sweden

The beautiful endless nature: The forests in The Netherlands are nice, but they kind of fall flat with the ones in Västerbotten. They seem to be endless! Rent a car so you can explore the region while on a round trip and hop from village to village in the middle of the nature.

Lots of local, fresh and biological food: At most restaurants in this region the food is freshly caught in the nature and so it’s super local and also biological. And I’ve got to say, it also tastes like it. Want to taste something authentically local? Go for a piece of reindeer, moose or fish. And they also have local cheese here, Vastenbottenost en believe me, you’ll want to take this home with you – so tasty.

The midnight sun: During the winter the sun isn’t really showing except for a couple of hours per day and during the summer the sun doesn’t set at all. The latter might be weird, but also really cool to experience. The possibility of sitting outside at 2AM by a fire drinking a beer like it’s 4 in the afternoon. Tip: bring a mask for sleeping with you!

The place to unwind: Big cities with lots of cars and roads? You can’t really find them here. So if you really feel the need to unwind for a bit, you can perfectly do that in the nature of Västerbotten. And when you’re staying in a hotel here chances are that there’s a sauna like I mentioned before. Mainly of course because it’s get super cold here in the winter, but it’s also not to relax in during the summer.

Chances of seeing the Northern light: How great would it be to see the Northern light once… En yes, in Swedish Lapland that could very well be possible. Come to Västerbotten during the winter and with a little bit of luck you’ll see the Northern light. Fingers crossed!

Västerbotten Travel Tips for swedish Lapland

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