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7 x the best hotels in Västerbotten in beautiful Swedish Lapland

10 August 2017

Relax and unwind at these great hotels in Västerbotten

Completely unwind in the nature at the best hotels in Västerbotten? Maybe you instantly think of snow, the Northern light and winter when you think of Swedish Lapland, but this desination is also perfect to settle the ultimate wanderlust feeling in the summer. Because in the region of Västerbotten you can find the most beautiful forests and lakes and during the summer it’s wonderfully green there, and in the winter virginal white because of the snow. Recently I went to Swedish Lapland in the summer for the first time for walking, have dinner by a wooden fire, maybe go canoeing and after that relax in the hotel and let all the impressions of the day set in.

Ok fair enough, during the winter Swedish Lapland might not be the warmest destination there is and that’s why having a nice hotel then is really important. Perhaps recovere by the fireplace in the lobby from a sled ride with huskies or a ride with a snow scooter over the frozen meadows. In Swedish Lapland it’s a great option to rent a house for the entire family, for you and your lover or your friends. Would you rather be taken care of and not worry about anything yourself? In that case we made a list for you of all the best hotels in Västerbotten, Swedish Lapland!

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7 x the beste HOTELS in Västerbotten, swedish LAPLAND

Stiftsgården: At the ends of the town Skellefteå you can find hotel Stiftsgården. Just a little outside the centre and that makes it a lovely remote location. During the summer you can rent bikes here to cycle to the small centre and wander around through the stores or go for some food and drinks. The hotel itself also has a great restaurant where they cook with local and seasonal products. And dinner you can hop in the sauna or jacuzzi for a bit. That also makes it a perfect hotel in the winter!

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Ansia Resort: Waking up with a view of a lake, how beautiful and soothing is that? A hotel where that’s possible in Swedish Lapland is the Ansia Resort in Lycksele. You can camp out here during the summer, but it’s more comfortable to stay in these cozy wooden cabins. These can be booked for four to six persons and some of the cabins have their own sauna. Good to know: the hotel organizes a safari in the winter on the snow scooter. 

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Lövånger Kyrkstad: You might already guess that this is a ‘church town’ because of the name. A small village that used to be built around the church so that families who came from afar could sleep here when they went to church. And it’s still family friendly. But it’s also nice to rent a couple of cabins with a group of friends perhaps, and go in to the nature. Every cabins looks just a little different, but you’re bound to feel like you’re in the middle of the nature. This accomodation is not very luxurious but it’s perfect if you’re with a larger group.

overnachten in vasterbotten

Lövånger Kyrkstad

Granö Beckasin: If you’d like to stay in the middle of the nature you should book a room at Granö Beckasin. And I’m not just talking about any room, but hotel rooms that hang like cabins in the trees. How cool is that? They call it the Birds nests’ because you have a view just like the birds do. Extra special: if you’re staying here during the winter you also have a chance of seeing the Northern light. Something to put on your bucket list! The hotel is situated by the river Ume and besides the tree houses you can also stay in the eco hotel or in one of their cabins. The hotel also has a cozy restaurant where they work with local products and where you can have dinner outside during the summer with a view of the river.

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Granö Beckasin

Elite Hotel Mimer: This cute design hotel is located super centrally in the centre of Umeå. If you stay here you can use the sauna for free. Great for when it’s cold outside and you come back to the hotel after a day out on the town. The hotel is situated in an old school and is decorated with Nordic Design. This is one of the best hotels in Västerbotten.

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Elite Hotel Mimer_umea

Ⓒ Elite Hotel Mimer

U&Me: Are you going to Umeå? Then book a room at the lifestyle hotel U&Me. A budget design hotel with an industrial interior and colourful design in the rooms. Funny detail: you check in here with the self in-check service. The U&Mre hotel is situated directly by the water and with a little bit of luck you have a view of the river Umeälven or of the city. A great hotel to stay in when you’re going to Umeå during your trip through Swedish Lapland!

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U&me Umea

Ⓒ U&Me

Stora Hotellet: Another lovely hotel in Umeå, but then a little more luxurious. When you walk into the lobby here you feel like walking into an old manor. All the rooms are decorated uniquely and lush, but with a modern touch. This hotel has lots of velours details, open fireplaces to relax by in the winter and a great breakfast with local delicacies and sparkling wines.

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Stora Hotellet umea

Ⓒ Stora Hotellet

The best thing to do is to make a roundtrip through Västerbotten and explore the region in Swedish Lapland that way!

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