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7 x things to do in Västerbotten in Swedish Lapland during summer

10 August 2017

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When you think of Swedish Lapland, you probably think about cold, snow and the Northern light. But Lapland is so much more than that and I’ve got to experience how Swedish Lapland is as a summer destination in Västerbotten. It’s definitely a destination for people who love to be outdoors so if you prefer to lie on the beach this is not the place for you. No, this region is perfect for everyone that is really looking for some peace and the wanderlust feeling or for everything who really love an active vacation. DUring the winter you can ride on snow scooter over the frozen rivers and perhaps see the Northern light. What you can do in the summer? In this blog I’ll line up the best things to do in Västerbotten in Swedish Lapland for you!

7 x fun things to do in Västerbotten in sweden

Canoeing on one of the many lakes: The lakes in Västerbotten are beautiful (and there are so many!). Via your accomodation you can often arrange a trip to go canoeing or they rent canoes there. Do this during the summer late in the evening! Why? So you can go watch the midnight sun, which can be so beautiful! A sunset that lasts for three hours, beautiful orange/red/pink skies and all of this while you’ll canoeing on a lake.

Go mountainbike through the forests: If you’re with a larger group it’s really fun to do a mountainbike ‘tour’ through the forests. You can do this at the Svansele Wilderness center for example. You’ll cycle on flat bikes (with those thick tires so you don’t fall) across green forest paths and in between you’ll have lunch at an open fire. A great experience in the nature and with a little bit of a luck you’ll spot some wildlife.

Visit the village Umeå: Had enough of the nature? In that case Umeå is a great town to visit. I love how it’s situated by the water and you can find several stores and restaurants there. Did you know that in 2014, it was the cultural capital city of Europe? Don’t forget to bring your camera, because they have amazing beautifully coloured building here, really something else from all the green around you! Fun fact: The Bildmuseet is the building that’s being posted on Instagram the most of all the city, so check it out!

Eat by an open fire: In Sweden you can find lots op public barbecues. So bring food with you (or catch your own fish!), frinks and light up the barbecue. Great to do for lunch, but also good for a cozy long evening. During the summer it doesn’t get completely dark here at all (so weird to experience this!), so before you know it’s 2AM and you haven’t even noticed it. Make sure to bring enough blankets or warm clothes with you, because it can definitely cool off in the evening.

Walking and hiking through the endless forests: It almost seems as if the forests here in Västerbotten are endless. Everywhere you go, you’re among the trees. Right in the middle of the nature and if you ask me it’s so soothing. A nice area where you can do this is Bjuröklubb. Walk towards the lighthouse and enjoy the view, afterwards go do Café Fyren for a traditional Fika (coffee with something sweet).

te doen in Västerbotten

Take the boat to the island Pite-Rönnskär: Sweden has so many small islands and one of those is Pite-Rönsskär. Take the boat or the taxi to it (make sure to book those beforehand) and walk around on the island that’s full of red cottages. There’s not a lot to do per se, but it’s definitely impressive to see. There’s a lighthouse that you can visit and climb to the top of it and from there the view is the most beautiful! Look out over the forests and the water. But hold on tight, because it can get really windy here.

Go rafting and climbing among the trees at Wilderness Adventure: Feel like having an active day? You should go to Wilderness Adventure. Go rafting on the Vindelaven river, climb in the trees or go supping (stand-up paddle boarding) on the more quiet part of the river. If you’re with a group you can also rent a cabin here and stay overnight for the ultimate wilderness experience. Have dinner by the campfire, go into the hot tub in the evening for a bit and have a wonderful night rest in your own wooden cabin.

During the winter there are lots of ander things to do in Lapland, like taking a walk with snowboots, go with a husky sled, or a snow scooter over the frozen lakes and there’s even a chance you’ll see the Northern light. Have fun with these things to do in Västerbotten!

Västerbotten Travel Tips for Swedish Lapland

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