12 x the best sustainable stores in Amsterdam

sustainable stores in amsterdam

these sustainable stores are worth a visit

Until this Sunday October 15 the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week takes place. This week over 400 stores will be all about sustainable fashion. More and more people want a fair story behind the products they buy. Good to know that your new red blouse wasn’t made by poor childeren in Bangladesh ;-) Because of this week, we listed sustainable shops for you that you’d definitely want to visit (also when the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week ended). From Gekaapt to the Geietnwollenwinkel: these are the 12 x best sustainable stores in Amsterdam!

12 X sustainable stores in amsterdam to visit soon

GekaaptThe online shop and pop-up store Gekaapt now has a permanent location in the city where day in day out you can find great durable interior and fashion items for yourself or for your friends birthday. Ps: They also have the Vegan Lane; a collection of brands and products that fit into the vegan lifestyle.

Sukha: My absolute favourite is Sukha in the Haarlemmerstraat. Here they sell really beautiful things for your home, clothing made out of very fine fabric and sweet little gifts. A few examples are: a poetry book, cotton garlands and jewellery. Almost everything is handmade and eco-friendly.

De Geitenwollenwinkel: There is nothing dull to find in the nice Geitenwollenwinkel! Everything is vegan, ecological and made of fair-trade products. Good to remember: everything is very beautiful. From clothing to plaids and from perfumes to facial cream.

duurzame winkels
Geitenwollenwinkel // © Geitenwollenwinkel Amsterdam

Zenza: If you are looking for a nice lamp, you have to go to Zenza, because they are known for their beautiful lamp collection ;-) At Zenza they combine ancient techniques with a modern twist in their design. We are in love with all their items!

Loom&Lace: At Loom&Lace you can go to for different styles of clothing. Whether you are looking for a business outfit or a party dress: you’ll find it here. The store is filled with warm vests, elegant dresses and comfy pants.

Faire Oosten: The Faire Oosten offers creators, artists and workshop providers a physical and online platform to reach ‘the public’ and each other. Sustainability, craftmanship and creativity are central to the Faire Oosten.

Studio JUX: At Studio JUX they believe fashion should be fun and enjoyable for everyone: for the designers, the people working in factories and everyone wearing and using the products.

I Love Vintage: For vintage shopping you’ll go to I Love Vintage on the Prinsengracht. This shop specializes in vintage and retro style clothing. And what’s nice… for the clothes only natural materials are used!

also sustainable shops for men

Six and SonsThis large concept store sells very cool vintage items: from (men) clothing and tableware to old country maps.

duurzame winkels
Six and Sons // © Six and Sons Amsterdam

About Lifestyle: A store where they have everything you need. From sneakers, to watches and sunglasses, and belts and bags. And also durable. Perfect!

and after your shopping spree…

Of course, all that shopping makes you hungry. So eat after your shopping spree at the sustainable Instock Café RestaurantInstock is the restaurant for brunch and dinner, made with products from the supermarket that would otherwise never make it to your plate. Helping out the world just a little bit while having great food, isn’t that great?

These are our favourite sustainable stores in Amsterdam. Enjoy!

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