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Northern Territory, Greenpoint, New York: Smashing Skyline Sunsets

19 August 2014
Photo credit: Sunset Rooftop Terrace Northern Territory New York

Northern Territory, perfect sunsets and unpretentious vibe in Greenpoint

Just in time to score the last table on the rooftop terrace! This place is getting so crowded already. Lots of cool and nice people and awesome views here at the rooftop terrace of Northern Territory. Such a difference when you compare it to the rooftop bars in Manhattan. Its style reminds me of the easygoing vibe that we normally see in beach hangouts. Or is it just that we’re in Greenpoint now, possibly the most laid-back area of Brooklyn? Let’s hope Greenpoint will stay like this for a long time… Listen, personally I love the hipster retail-concept-instore-coffee spots (blog coming up soon!), vintage boutiques and crispy white minimalistic hair dressing salons. But if Greenpoint does become the new Williamsburg, like the word is on the streets, then I’m afraid the places where you can still get a beer for 3 bucks will be history. And so will the numerous Polish bakeries where you can buy delicious pastries. Yeah Greenpoint (aka ‘Little Poland’) is great how it is with its cozy wood-frame houses and village-vibe. When strolling around you often don’t feel like being in NYC. I could see a lot of cool things happening at the river side area in the future though.

Northern Territory Greenpoint Brooklyn New York Rooftop

Inside Northern Territory

Downstairs looks lovely as well. This is where you have dinner, upstairs is where you drink. And where you watch the awesome sunset.
Sunset from rooftop bar Northern Territory Greenpoint

No high class food at this place. Think burgers or fish and chips. They must step up their game when it comes to food and service though. I’d say skip dinner but I’d definitely recommend going here for drinks.
Inside Northern Territory Greenpoint Brooklyn New York

Pre-drink Fashion Quickie

On your way to Northern Territory when coming from the L train in Williamsburg, check out what’s in store at Oak. Whenever I’m in the neighborhood I make sure I always stop by to see what they have on sale. Love the unisex clothes. So simple and stylish. Not enough budget? Well what a coincidence! Second hand store Beacon’s Closet moved from Williamsburg to Greenpoint (rents are going through the roof there) and it’s just around the corner from Oak. If you’re in the mood you’ll probably spot some great finds there to support your cheap chic fashion statements. Statements? Or just efforts. Either way, you’re rocking it.

Streets of Greenpoint Brooklyn New York
Greenpoint Brooklyn New York
Name: Northern Territory
Address: 12 Franklin Street
Neighborhood: Greenpoint, Brooklyn New York
Perfect for: Rooftop drinks and an awesome sunset

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