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B. in New York City: graffiti tour at the Lower East Side

7 August 2013

Discover the NY street art with a graffity tour!

In New York you can choose from many different tours. I am planning to go on several, so you’ll be hearing more about them! If you’re interested in street art then go on a graffiti tour! It’s fun and a very interesting way to get to know New York City a lot better. We booked at Grafftours to take us on their “Classics tour” through LES (Lower East Side). Our favourite artist is ROA. He makes awesome pieces of animals. If he puts something on your wall, you will let it stay there as the value of your apartment will increase. Funny detail, you will not find any pictures of him online. He is a bit of a mystery in this scene.

NYC history of graffiti

It’s really interesting to hear the history of graffiti, what the “pieces” and “tags” mean and how it all works in NYC. In several parts of Lower East Side our guide shows the coolest graffiti and tells us a lot about it. This is definitely not only for tourists, but also for New York locals. After this graffiti tour your view on graffiti will never be the same again. Our guide gave a very good tip: watch the documentary “Exit through the gift shop”. My little list with spots on where to find the coolest (legal) graffiti is almost finished. Of course I’ll share it here with you guys. I can only hope the masterpieces will be left untouched…

Graffiti tour at the Lower East Side in New York
What?: Graffiti tour via Grafftours
When: All year
Where?: Manhattan and Brooklyn
Neighbourhood: tours in several NY districts
PS: more hotspots are in the New York Little Black Book. A city guide to New York with the best restaurants, shops and things to do. Every week I will post new adventures on Your Little Black Book so stay tuned for the latest gems I spotted!

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