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My life: a day on the lake in Veere

8 August 2013

A family weekend on the water :-)

I’m often asked to tell a bit more about my personal life. So I decided to start the column ‘My Life’ to tell you all about my personal adventures!

Sail away with me…

If the weather is sunny I love to go down South to visit my parents. I grew up in Middelburg, the capital of Zeeland. A small town with beautiful old canal houses like in Amsterdam but just a 15 minute ride from the beach! Being a true ‘Zeeuw’ (that’s how we call people from Zeeland) I’m most happy when I’m close to the water :-). When I visit my parents and the weather is nice we go sailing. Not on a sailboat, but with our sloop.varen-veere-zeelandA typical Dutch canal boat. Last weekend we went sailing at the Veersemeer, a beautiful lake at the old town of Veere where my family is originally from. Spending the day on the water gives me the true holiday feeling. Love it! My boyfriend is the best sailor ;-) ever.varen-veere-zeeland

When we go to the boat we take food and drinks with us to picnic on the water. Our favourite summer cocktail is Aperol Spritz. It looks very festive with the bright orange colour! You mix it with bubbly or prosecco and sparkling water. Cheers!!

varen-veere-zeelandAfter sailing it was time to head back to Amsterdam. I had a plain to catch! Business is calling… For work I’m going to our office in Budapest for a few days. I’m a lucky girl :-).

PS: you have boats and boats, ours is the cute little sloop but we sailed into friends that have this beautiful yacht and had a drink together :-)!

Talk to you soon on the next episode of My Life!
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