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MUNCH fit food to go: for healthy to go meal that you want to try

8 May 2017

for healthy and tasty food you go to munch fit food to go

Munch, that’s what they call it in the USA when you crave food, a lot of food. And that happens to all of us every once in a while right? Or actually, all the time ;-) It’s hard not to open the fridge or cupboard and eat the best food you find. Like that Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bar or a bag of chips. Yumm, but healthy? Nope. At MUNCH Fit Good To Go, they do it differently. They have healthy, nutritious and tasty food. We don’t say not to that!

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breakfast cakes, wraps & smoothies at MUNCH FIT FOOD TO GO

Founders Yorieke Eskes and Clasque Poorter want to improve the health of their customers, and that’s what they do at the Beethovenstraat, since the 8th of May. We can’t wait to try those healthy wraps and smoothies. Because that’s what you’ll find on the menu. Just like fresh sandwiches, breakfast cakes and snacks which you can eat without feeling guilty. Perfect! That’s exactly what we need for our summer body.

The interior is modern and tight, but with a cozy and comfy vibe. So want to snack in a responsible way? Take your bike and go to MUNCH Fit Food To Go. We like this concept, because you can decide for yourself when and where you want to eat the food you bought! Eat it along the canals when the weather is nice, at home if you don’t feel like cooking or on the go if you’re in a hurry. This way you will have time to do other things!

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MUNCH fit food to go

Beethovenstraat 77

Amsterdam (Amsterdam Old South)
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