La Fabrique des Singes Mons

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La Fabrique des Singes Mons: street art and local design

9 July 2015

don’t miss La Fabrique des Singes when you’re in mons

La Fabrique des Singes in Mons might be the coolest shop in town. You can find La this hip store at the Rue de la Coupe which is, along with the Rue des Fripiers, one of the trendy shopping streets in the city.

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La Fabrique des Singes Mons

Art and more at La Fabrique des Signes

At La Fabrique des Singes they sell artwork, from street art to 3D printed jewelry, made by artists from Mons (Bergen). A really cool collection full with urban style art. If you make street art yourself then this is the place for you to buy new spray cans.

La Fabrique des Singes Mons
La Fabrique des Singes Mons

This hotspot has just opened and the concept is still in the beginning fase. At some point they want to have an atelier in the concept store where artists can work at.

Fun fact: the little monkey in the logo of the shop refers to the flag of Mons.

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Tip: Mons is cultural capitol of 2015. On the website you find more tips about this lovely town in Belgium!

La Fabrique des Singes Mons

Rue de la Coupe 27

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