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10 x best restaurants in Mons (Bergen)

4 August 2015

discover the foodie proof restaurants in Mons (Bergen)

If you love good food you will have a great time in Mons (Bergen). This city is small but has quite a few good restaurants! And you will probably want to try them all out during your city trip ;-). When I was in Mons I had some tasty meals at Vilaine Fille, Mauvais Garçons Mons, Le bistro de Jean Phi en icook. Fine dining with great wine pairings! To help you book a nice restaurant in Mons for your city trip we listed the 10 best restaurants!


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Le Bistro de Jean Phi >> best restaurants in Mons (Bergen)

Do you like gastrobars? Then Le Bistro de Jean Phi is a place you don’t want to miss. Here you can eat a delicious seasonal 3 or 4 course meal. This restaurant is also a favourite among the locals. A reservation is a must!
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Bistro Jean Phi Mons

5ème Saison >> best restaurants in Mons (Bergen)

This restaurant is located at the cool street Rue de La Coupe. In a corner next to a tiny alley. You would easily walk pass it without noticing it! That would be a shame, because this is such a great restaurant if you want to try out the regional kitchen. Classic and timeless!
Rue de La Coupe 25, Mons

Le 44 >> best restaurants in Mons (Bergen)

At Le 44 you can enjoy the most delicious meals from Thursday to Saturday. The menu is classic French and Chef Jean-Philippe Pasquin is the master of desserts in Mons. So it’s a must-try!
Rue des Fripiers 44, Mons

Cocotte >> best restaurants in Mons (Bergen)

So cool, this restaurant is in a garage! With a cozy courtyard for when there’s good weather. On the menu they have the most delicious organic dishes. A great restaurant for brunch!
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Cocotte Mons

Le Bailly >> best restaurants in Mons (Bergen)

When we walked past Le Bailly it smelled so good that we just had to walk in. Delicious seasonal brasserie dishes in a cafe-like setting. Very close to the big market! And next to an alley with a lot of street art.
Rue de Nimy 8, Mons

icook >> best restaurants in Mons (Bergen)

If you want to have a good dinner during your city trip to Mons then icook is also a wonderful restaurant to go to. The interior is modern and the plates are picture perfect. Very delicious!
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icook Mons

La Petite Couscoussière >> best restaurants in Mons (Bergen)

Should it happen that you’re a little tired of the French cuisine during your weekend in Mons (which for me is a little hard to imagine, but still!) then this Tunisian restaurant is definitely worth trying out. The name speaks for itself: here you can eat the most delicious couscous. This restaurant is open every day, which is very convenient since a lot is closed in Mons on Mondays.
Rue des Clercs 7, Mons

La Table du Boucher >> best restaurants in Mons (Bergen)

When the weather is good then you should be sitting in the courtyard of Le Bailly at the Rue de Nimy in Mons where you can have some nice bites. Without a doubt, this is one of the best spots for brunch! Delicious brasserie dishes and a vintage interior.
Rue d’Havré 49, Mons

Vilaine Fille, Mauvais Garçons >> best restaurants in Mons (Bergen)

During our last trip to Mons we have of course had an amazing dinner at Vilaine Fille, Mauvais Garçons. The owner is super nice and has very impressive tattoos. The menu at this hotspot is seasonal. It’s a fun restaurant for an extensive dinner with good wines!
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Vilaine Fille Mauvais Garcons Mons

Le Comptoir de Marie >> best restaurants in Mons (Bergen)

A cute pink facade in a perhaps even cuter little street in Mons. I definitely wanted to know more about it! Le Comptoir de Marie is a small and intimate restaurant that’s really nice for a date night with your lover! The menu is a little special because they do French cuisine with a twist. Yum!
Rue d’Enghien 8, Mons

Bon appétit! Let us know if you discover other good restaurants in Mons :-).

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Tip: Mons is cultural capitol of 2015. On the website you find more tips about this lovely town in Belgium!

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