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icook Mons: the culinary gem in town

26 July 2015

icook Mons for a night (or afterboon!) of dine dining

Restaurant icook in Mons is the place to be for wining and dining. This restaurant is located just  outside the city center of Mons . I went there for an extensive lunch on a lazy Saturday afternoon. And it was so good! Just like Le Bistro de Jean Phi is icook a restaurant from Chef Jean Philippe.

icook Mons

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icook Mons

menu x icook mons (Bergen)

The interior of this restaurant in Mons is modern. With beautiful design chairs and a lot of wood. The menu consists of different Chef’s menus and options for an á la carte dinner. If you feel like having an extensive dinner then you need to try the 7 course menu (€ 65,-). It looked delicious and they offer wine pairings with it.

icook Mons

icook Mons

icook Mons

Since we had lunch at icook in Mons we went for a good 3 course menu of the Chef. The amuses
were such a treat! And the starters with fish and green asparagus were delicious too. The pearl hen filet as the main was just as good. You hear me: all in all a great joy for your taste buds.  I’m not too into sweet desserts, but I like everything made with rhubarb! In short: a wonderful culinary experience!

icook Mons

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Tip: Mons is cultural capitol of 2015. On the website mons2015.eu you find more tips about this lovely town in Belgium!

iCook Mons

Avenue Reine Astrid 31

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