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Hartje Bos Amsterdam: take out & more in Bos and Lommer

4 August 2015

Deli shop 2.0: Hartje Bos in Amsterdam

Deli shops like Hartje Bos almost convince me to move to neighbourhood Bos and Lommer. Just so that I can drop by every week for a treat. Hartje Bos in Amsterdam is this amazing deli shop, run by Vlado. A super nice chef that cooks his ready-made meals with a lot of love. Ánd, all by himself. But no worries: Vlado is never lonely. Plenty of customers and neighbours that pass by for a talk. So it’s always a fun place to be :-).

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Hartje Bos Amsterdam

Food & more x Hartje Bos

At Hartje Bos they have daily meals and a weekly menu, so the food will never get boring. Every day the meals are freshly made by Vlado. And with as many local ingredients as possible! Vlado likes helping the neighbourhood a little bit like that. Hartje Bos can therefore also be seen as some sort of shop with all kinds of fun products from the neighbourhood. Handmade bow ties, pots of fruit spread and artworks. Vlado puts all kinds of things here for sale. So every time it’s a surprise what you’ll will find.

Hartje Bos Amsterdam

And even more…

Vlado does even more at his lovely deli shop. Occasionally he also organizes events, such as a Sicilian evening. Because of his Mediterranean roots he likes cooking Mediterranean food. But on the Sicilian evening it’s even more special. For the Sicilian evening for example, he invited some Sicilian musicians to play beautiful live music. As if you’re drinking or eating something in Sicily. Sounds good? Then follow their Facebook page for the upcoming events.

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Hartje Bos Amsterdam

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Hartje Bos

Admiraal de Ruijterweg 275

Amsterdam (Amsterdam West)
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