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H Burger Amsterdam: burgers and creative hub in West

25 October 2016

yet another hotspot to be opened on the de clercq: H burger.

A few weeks ago, uhh I mean, months, we already wrote about it: H Burger will be a new hotspot on the De Clercqstraat. And now, after months of renovations, the windows are uncovered and the doors are open for business. Finally the mysterious place is revealed and it looks sooo good! Yes baby, H Burger Amsterdam – as the name suggests – is the newest hamburger spot in Amsterdam-West.

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H Burger stands for a fine, approachable place where you can go for delicious, affordable burgers, milkshakes and side dishes. As soon as you enter this place, you’ll notice that you find yourself in a very fresh-looking place. Of course it had to be, since they have been busy with renovations for quite a while. And the results are impressive: dark blue painted walls, dark blue shiny tiles (so pretty!), marble tables and dark blue pillows. Yes, 50 shades of blue is what’s going on here ;-)

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But H Burger is more than just a burger spot. The men behind H Burger Amsterdam want to create a creative hub with this place as well. That’s why they organize workshops, readings, meetings and expositions. A place where everyone is welcome and that’s exactly their mission: a stylish restaurant with an affordable and simple menu, approachable for everyone. Mission accomplished if you’ll ask us!

The address of H Burger Amsterdam is De Clercqstraat 128.

En er zijn natuurlijk nog meer leuke hotspots in West! Voor heerlijke taco’s kun je naar de Taquería Tacobar en voor verrukkelijke broodjes falafel naar Bar Kauffmann. Shoppen kun je bij Pieter & Tosch en als je dan toch daar bent, kun je ook de andere 7 x hotspots op de Jan Evertsenstraat bezoeken ;-) Have fun!




H. Burger Amsterdam

De Clercqstraat 128

Amsterdam (Amsterdam West)


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