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Gesponnen Suiker Amsterdam: all time favourite!

10 October 2014

On trend (and affordable!) fashion musthaves at Gesponnen Suiker

Do you know Gesponnen Suiker in Amsterdam West yet? It’s one of my fav spots for trendy clothes without spending hundreds of Euros. This month this great boutique store at the Jan Pieter Heijestraat celebrates its 4th birthday. Reason enough for an update on Your Little Black Book.

Gesponnen Suiker AmsterdamA cool store comes with a cool lady. Owner Anouk is a very inspiring girl! She started her first store when she was only 25. Gesponnen Suiker is famous in Amsterdam. And since I’m working on my own business as well I like it even better to chat with Anouk about our challenges and inspiration.

Gesponnen Suiker Amsterdam Gesponnen Suiker Amsterdam

At Gesponnen Suiker you can shop the cutest trendy shirts, unique coats, super soft scarfs, warm sweaters and bright coloured hats (which I also spotted in Oslo!). Anouk told me that it happens that an item is already sold out before it’s in the store after publishing the new collection on Instagram and Facebook. So make sure to follow the social media accounts at @gesponnensuiker and don’t miss anything!


I think the best thing about Gesponnen Suiker are the prices. It’s reallty affordable. With prices like € 29,95 for a shirt and under € 49,95 trousers and knits. And the good thing is… you have something unique. For most brands at Gesponnen Suiker they are the only retailer in Amsterdam. On my last shopping spree there I bought this super cute ’20 style headband for the fall!

Gesponnen Suiker Amsterdam

Gesponnen Suiker x Lokale Helden

I nominated Anouk of Gesponnen Suiker for a the Lokale Helden campaign (lokal heroes) of ING. A project to put local retailers in the picture! Really love that idea.

To me Anouk is a local hero because she was one of the first to open a store like Gesponnen Suiker in Amsterdam. Her style is unique and her approach really personal. She really knows her customers!

Vote for Gesponnen Suiker and win € 100,-!

Are you a fan of Gesponnen Suiker just like Yourlbb? You can vote on Anouk and Gesponnen Suiker at one of the ING shops in your neighbourhood, for example the Rokin or the Ceintuurbaan, Haarlemmerdijk and Kinkerstraat.

When Anouk wins the title Dutch Local Hero you can win a gift voucher of € 100,- shopping money. Nice, because at Gesponnen Suiker you can buy at least 3 items with it!

>> Click here to read more on how to vote for your favourite retailer!

Gesponnen Suiker

Address: Jan Pieter Heijestraat 114, Amsterdam
Neighbourhood: Amsterdam West
Gesponnen Suiker Amsterdam
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