14 x the best burgers to order in Amsterdam for a fun night with friends

burgers to order in Amsterdam

we’ve selected the best burgers to order in amsterdam

You gotta love burgers! Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or a real meat eater, burgers are always a good idea. On the bbq, as the ultimate snack at a festival or for lunch when you have a huge hangover. We regularly crave a good burger at the Yourlbb office. With an egg, different types of cheese and crispy, salty fries of course. From the Tuna burger to Bistro burger, I’m getting so excited right now. That is why we selected our favorite burgers to order in Amsterdam and brought to you by foodora. No worries, there are also “healthy” burgers in this list.

So get ready for the tastiest burgers in Amsterdam to order. Enjoy it, with your lover or friends. It’s burgertime!

14 x burgers to order in amsterdam and fall in love with

Cannibale Royale: fancy a classic burger? Order the Le Burger Classique at Cannibal Royale. Go for 180 grams of Angus beef, covered with cheddar, bacon, onion, tomato and fries on the side. Not full yet? Take a piece of the home made NY cheesecake.

George Bistro Bistrochoosing a burger at George Bistro Bistro isn’t so easy. Going for the Bistro, Tuna or the Halloumi burger. Or do you go for a double Bistro burger? Why not?! Ps: the fries are so delicious here!

Burgerijat Burgerij your choices consist of fish, chicken and beef burgers. Go for the Falafel Veggie, where you enjoy a chickpea burger filled with red bean slice, sweet cabbage salad, cucumber and Greek yogurt.

burgers to order in Amsterdam

Burger barthe name already makes it pretty clear,  you can oder burgers here! You can go for the Wagyu beef, Angus beef or Irish beef. Or go for a chicken burger if you don’t feel like eating beef. Besides home-made Belgian fries you can enjoy fried onion rings here. I’m in!

Burgermeester: at the Burgermeester in the Jordaan you order the best beef, chicken and falafel burgers. You must order a side dish as they deliver puffed potato with crème fraîche and onion. Inspired by the burgers of Burgermeester? They have a cookbook that you can order with dishes and tips.

Maslowstart the day with a burger! At Maslow you can find delicious sandwiches and burgers. Real lovers of good food. Craving something different? Order the Maslow Vegaburger, a lentil burger with pickle, tomato and Maslow sauce.

Soul burgerat Soul burger you can go for burgers with soul. The selection is huge with more than 12 burgers that you can order. Go for the Royal Dutch Lamb Burger or a Pulled Pork Bun with crispy fries as a side dish.

burgers to order in Amsterdam
Soul burgers

Betty Bluethis bakery also has tasty cakes and healthy juices in addition to burgers. The burgers don’t cost too much and the choice in drinks is huge. Go for the Beef love burger with smoked mayonnaise and order a Mannenliefde, a delicious cold beer of 330 ml.

Thrill Grillfor the perfect lunch, order at Thrill Grill in West. These 100% natural beef burgers are so delicious and highly recommended for meat lovers. Oh yes, besides classic French fries, they also have truffle Parmesan fries.

The Meets: fancy Mexican food and burgers? Go for the vegetarian variant with sweet potato, black beans, avocado and cashew mayo. This sounds so delicious! Ps: they have a wide range of starters like the home-made sweet truffle potato chips.

De Kroonthis burger and grill restaurant delivers the tastiest variants of burgers such as the Deluxe burger consisting of melted duck liver, truffle mayonaise and crispy fries. An absolute must for big eaters!

De Biergrillburgers and beer, who doesn’t want that? Choose from different flavors such as the House burger, Alferno burger or Royale with cheese burger served with homemade fries. Go for a craft beer like the Zatte, a solid golden beer with the smell of fresh fruit.

burgers to order in Amsterdam

Burgerlijk: Burgerlijk is the  place for pure and crafty burgers, with fries and a drink of your choice. Go for The Beast, which consists of a double beef burger with double cheddar, bacon and burger sauce. Double the food, double the fun!

Geflipt burgers: you can order these juicy and well-filled burgers in West. Go for a fiery menu with burger and fries or a salad and a drink to lessen the thirst. Not feeling like eating beef? Go for the chicken burger, which consists of tender chicken dumplings and fresh homemade guacamole. Delicious!

PS: the selection of restaurants with burgers to order in Amsterdam from foodora can vary depending on the delivery address!

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Have fun with these 14 burger spots. From now on only order burgers in Amsterdam!

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Photocredits:  Foodora

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