12 x order healthy breakfast in Amsterdam for the perfect start of your day

rder healthy breakfast in Amsterdam

order healthy breakfast in Amsterdam, from croissants to bowls

You want to order healthy breakfast in Amsterdam! Probably because you do not really want to leave your bed, prepare food in the kitchen or you just want to spoil yourself and maybe even your lover with breakfast in bed. Croissants, eggs, fresh jus d’orange, hmm we are already craving a delicious breakfast. That is why we’ve put our favourite spots in Amsterdam where you can have a healthy breakfast delivered by foodora in one list. Don’t worry, there (you know us ;-)) are also some unhealthy options that you can order. Time to order healthy breakfast in Amsterdam. Enjoy your sweet, early morning!

12 X order healthy breakfast in Amsterdam to stay in bed longer

Dr. Blend: Choosing a breakfast from Dr. Blend is not that easy. Are you taking an Italian bread, a sandwich, croissants, a bowl or a wrap. My favourite? The Dr. Avorush – a grilled croissant with avocado and the Dr. Açai Energy Bowl to wake up fresh.

JuiceBrothers: Craving a a healthy açai bowl? Order one of the healthy bowls at JuiceBrothers. Go for a bowl with matcha, almonds or coconut yogurt. Ps: The Dutch Spice Juice is perfect for waking up, it’s a real morning booster.

Roots: At Roots you wake up with a Banoffee Chia Seed Pudding with dates, coconut and almond. Or the Overnight Steelcut Oats with berry jam, chia seed, coconut, vanilla and cinnamon. I’d also recommend the nut bread!

rder healthy breakfast in Amsterdam

ClubKoffie: Too late for breakfast and ready for a brunch? Then the sandwiches of ClubKoffie are a winner! What about the London Club – a sandwich with English club eggs, bacon, tomato, sausages and of course Hellmann’s mayonaise. There is also a fruit bowl, in case your lover doesn’t feel like having a heavy breakfast.

CoffeeConcepts: At CoffeeConcepts you are immediately triggered to order the ‘Morning Sunsine!’. A delicious breakfast with a delicious name. Greek yogurt, granola, fresh fruit and a croissant. Gotta love those mornings!

Toastable: At Toastable, you can make it as (un)healthy as you like. Go for yogurt with cruesli or the Crosti Bacon – a grilled croissant with bacon, cheese and a boiled egg. Are you up for a really well-stocked toast? The Spicy Chorizo – chorizo with tomato salsa, cheddar and curry (!) is super good.

Juice by Nature: Start your day with a breakfast jar of Juice by Nature. Order the Espresso Chia with vanilla, cinnamon and honey or the Rainbow Fruit Salad and of course a Power shot to start your day with a boost.

Stroom: The perfect breakfast in the weekend of course exists of a good yogurt, croissants, a pain au chocolat and maybe even a toast with ham, cheese and ketchup. Luck you, you can order this all at Stroom!

Gezondigd: Green, yellow, red, orange they have the most delicious juices at Gezondigd. Start with a sandwich with egg salad, paprika hummus or a mackerel salad with capers.

rder healthy breakfast in Amsterdam

The Barn: The homemade granola from The Barn is perfect to order on an early Sunday morning. With a fresh jus d’orange and if you’re really hungry, the Egg Salad sandwich with a homemade egg salad, mayonnaise, tomatoes and salad on a Dutch brioche sandwich.

Pannenkoekenhuis Candela: Not healthy, actually also not the breakfast you think of, but secretly delicious. Pancakes on a delicious sunny Sunday morning, can it even be better then that? Are you taking a sweet pancake with forest fruits or a savory one with baked egg & bacon?

Coffee Roastery: A good sandwich can be ordered at Coffee Roastery. I can’t choose between the Old Amsterdam – with spicy mustard, rucola, tomatoes, pickles and roasted pine nuts or the Omelet – with grilled eggs, mayonnaise, pesto, tomato and pickles to start the day of right.

PS: the offered restaurants on foodora may differ depending on the delivery address . Enjoy ordering a healthy breakfast in Amsterdam at these restaurants that you maybe didn’t know yet!

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Photocredits: Gezondigd, Roots

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