16 X healthy food delivery in Amsterdam: these are our fav dishes

No time to cook, but want to eat healthy? here’s the list for you!

Sounds familiar? You would like to eat healthy, but when you come home after a long day’s work or after the gym cooking is the last thing on your mind. And once you’re hungry, it often goes wrong. You’ll probably end up, just like us, at the pizza place across the street or you’ll get some French fries. Yummy at the time, but when sometime later you’re watching your favourite show on Netflix you will regret it. Went to the gym for nothing – again…

16 x healthy delivery in Amsterdam

With my friends I always exchange tips and that’s how we extensively went through our favourite addresses where we order food when we don’t feel like, or don’t have the time, for cooking. And then with special interest for the (more) healthy dishes! So it’s now time for a new list, with 16 dishes we can order at home without feeling guilty, delivered by foodora. Is your favourite dish also present or missing on the list? Let us know on Facebook!

ROOTS: ROOTS: One of our favourites has got to be ROOTS situatued in the south of Amsterdam. Be sure to take the Italian Burger, a burger made of sweet potato, roasted fennel and pesto of cashew and basil. Btw: almost all their dishes are vegan.



Pluk: The healthy hotspot in the Nine Streets is Pluk, where you can find us just a little bit too often… Choose the Pluk Pink Paradiso bowl with red fruit, or the sandwich with figs, very tasty!


Poke Perfect: Poké bowls are hot and above that superhealthy. The signature dishes of Poké Perfect are all just as good, though The Witzel is our favorite. Salmon, avocado, cucumber, orange masago and special dressing. Hmm!

Poké Perfect

Piadina Bar: Piadina’s are super tasty, and yet we  do not eat it often enough. You can now order you piadina throuh foodora. A piadina with salmon and avocado? Yes please!


Olivity: Feel like Greek food, but in a healthy way? Definitely order at Olivity. Either choose the meatballs made with oatmeal or the potatoes out of the oven with lemon.

LiteDark: LiteDark is especially the place to be for healthy shakes and juices, but also for paninis. How about a sandwich with pear and chocolate?


Voldaan: Are you just as crazy about meatballs as we are? Definitely order a wrap, sandwich, salad or soup with balls at Voldaan. The Wrap Voldaan sounds good to us: a whole-wheat wrap with a light sweet carrot purée, ginger, goat cheese and a meatball of lamb.

Foodora Voldaan

Viêt view: The name alone is a plus for us and we’re not even talking about the Vietnamese snacks you can order here yet. How about Steamy Dreamy Shrimps or the Total Crush Tofu?

Viet View
Viet View

Il Sogno: Feel like a healthy Italian lunch? Order a sandwich for lunch via foodora at Il Sogno, with tapenade of artichoke, pecorino and rocket salad. 

Asian King Amsterdam: The guilty pleasure at Yourlbb has got to be sushi. That’s why we order frequently at Asian King. The makis, nigiris and handrolls are a sure hit.

Asian King

HartBiet: Want to cut down on meat? Order a vegetarian lunch at HartBiet. And of course preferably the HartBiet burger with beetroot, feta cheese, avocado and mango. Yummy!


Pompoen met Speck: At Pompoen met Speck we definitely recommend to order the pumpkinsoup and the mixed salad with nuts and nut paste. NOM!

Pompoen met speck
Pompoen met speck

Juice to Boost: Via foodora you can order Juice-to-boost drinks to spice up your energy level. Hmm, they have a drink that’s called Melon Piña Colada! You can also order a great breakfast there, how about the Coconut Blueberry Acai Bowl?

Juice To Boost
Juice To Boost

Gezondigd: Via foodora you can order the healthiest salads and sandwiches from Gezondigd. Our favorite? The Salmon Salad and sandwich with Goatcheese and Raw Beef Sausage. YUM!

De Soepkantine Amsterdam: Craving for a soup? Order the Dutch Peasoup or Jewish Chickensoup at De Soepkantine Amsterdam.


FRESHLER: At FRESHLER you’ll receive a gerenously filled and healthy meal. Our choice is the baked whitebait in a yellow curry sauce and order the Golden Oldie curd with it, sounds good, doesn’t it?!


PS: Depending on your ordering location, the offer of foodora may differ!