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Breakfast in Amsterdam

Breakfast hotspots for the early birds

Although I used to skip breakfast when I was younger, I nowadays love to bake oatmeal pancakes or make smoothies in the morning. And don’t they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day? So why skip it! And if you don’t want to make your own breakfast, there are many nice places in Amsterdam where you can get breakfast. So whether you have your breakfast with a cup of coffee or you go for something more heavy, Yourlbb set up a list with the best breakfast hotspots in Amsterdam. Enjoy!

The Meets Amsterdam


Spots like The Meets are the best! Not only because it is a healthy hotspot – here you go for healthy delicious sugar-free and gluten-free dishes – but also because it looks great. Really a place that has is all. Have breakfast here with an Acai smoothie bowl, a granola bowl of porridge.
Click here for more info and photos of The Meets in Amsterdam South >>


MOOK Pancakes is Amsterdam’s newest addition. Here you can have breakfast with pancakes! At MOOK they serve organic pancakes with surprising combinations. Not the typical Dutch pancakes with syrup and bacon. But a pancake with avocado example. Or with bacon, cheese and onion. YUM!
Click here for more info and photos of MOOK Pancakes in Amsterdam West >>

The Breakfast Club | hotspots for breakfast in Amsterdam

You might now The Breakfast Club from Londen and let me tell you: this is the perfect hotspot to eat all day breakfasts! Think of fresh juices, smoothies and a good cup of coffee. Not to mention the delicious pancakes and healthy sandwiches. Made with local ingredients. Good to know: The Breakfast Club is going to open a second location at Haarlemmerplein!
Click here for more info and photos of The Breakfast Club in Amsterdam West >>


Start your day uber healthy and go have breakfast at YAY Healthy Store & More! Here they serve raw dishes, which are also vegan and gluten-free. Think of smoothies, buckwheat porridge and banana chocolate pancakes.
Click here for more info and photos of YAY Health Store & More in De Pijp >>

Dignita Amsterdam


Perfect for a healthy breakfast or all day brunch. Here they make everything themselves. And with local ingredients as much as possible. Great hotspot for juices, sourdough bread, egg dishes and raw cakes. And therefore a favourite hotspot in the Old South.
Click here for more info and photos of Dignita in Amsterdam Old South >>

Vinnies | hotspots for breakfast in Amsterdam

Perfect for a healthy, organic breakfast! Start your day with oatmeal, yogurt with homemade granola or croissants. And good to combine with coffee of Boca’s or organic tea. And did you know, Vinnies has two location in town now?
Click here for more info and photos of Vinnies in Amsterdam City Center and Haarlemmerbuurt >>

Scandinavian Embassy | hotspots for breakfast in Amsterdam

In this Scandinavian spot in De Pijp, you can find really good coffee and tasty breakfasts. The menu namely includes healthy sandwiches with a Scandinavian touch. And especially egg-lovercome to the right place here. Tell how you prefer your eggs in the morning, and you get him exactly like that.
Click here for more info and photos of Scandinavian Embassy in De Pijp >>

Kessens | hotspots for breakfast in Amsterdam

Fancy a croissant, yogurt, toast or an egg for breakfast? You can get it all at Kessens. I like to order the breakfast menu here, served with juice and coffee. Something to celebrate? They offer a champagne breakfast! ;-)
Click here for more info and photos of Kessens in de Jordaan >>



This hotspot in West is open from 7 to 7 and serves breakfast, lunch and coffee! On the menu you’ll find various egg dishes, yogurt and granola, sandwiches, burgers and soups. Ted is therefor a nice new addition to the Helmersbuurt.
Click here for more info and photos of Teds in Amsterdam West >>


Every morning from 10am you are welcome at Metropolitain. At the location where Paper Planes used to be. Croissants, fresh fruit, Eggs Benedict, French toast, sandwiches, crepes, salads, burgers… you name it, they have it. 
Click here for more info and photos of Metropolitain in Amsterdam Centrum >>

Drovers Dog | hotspot for breakfast in Amsterdam

At Drovers Dog they love breakfast. All day breakfast. Sweet, savory, spicy, chewy, gooey, crunchy, simple and elegant, like they state on their website. And, soon they will open a third location!
Click here for more info and photos of Drovers Dog in Amsterdam East and West >>

De Laatste Kruimel | hotspots for breakfast in Amsterdam

This cute hotspot is perfect for a romantic breakfast. Enjoy their scones, fresh bread or own baked cakes. Also try their homemade lemonade! Why not cheat with a unhealthy breakfast once in a while ;)
Click here for more info and photos of De Laatste Kruimel in Amsterdam City Center >>

Berry Amsterdam

Berry | hotspots for breakfast in Amsterdam

Start your day with coffee or thee, juice, a croissant and a sandwich with cheese. Or, have a breakfast like Berry and add a bloody Berry! This is a nice and cozy place where you definitely want to start your day.
Click here for more info and photos of Berry in Amsterdam West >>

Bakers and Roasters | hotspots for breakfast in Amsterdam

You can choose from 9 egg dishes, when you go to Bakers & Roasters for breakfast. But they also serve pancakes and homemade granola. Mmm!
Click here for more info and photos of Bakers and Roasters  in De Pijp >>

Dr. Blend | hotspots for breakfast in Amsterdam

Start you day with super foods at this hotspot in the Jordaan. Smoothies, fresh juices, sandwiches and fruit salads. And when you’re early, you can get your coffee to go for 1 euro!
Click here for more info and photos of Dr. Blend at the Jordaan >>

Omelegg | hotspots for breakfast in Amsterdam

The best place for a good anti-hangover breakfast is this place. At Omelegg it’s all about the most delicious egg dishes. And nice to know: you can enjoy there omelettes all day long!
Click here for more info and photos of Omelegg at De Pijp >>

Pluk AmsterdamPhotocredits: Jasper de Waal


Looking for a healthy hotspot in the Nine Streets? Go to Pluk! For fresh juices, smoothies, salads and sandwiches. And what you really must try are the banana pancakes!
Click here for more info and photos of Pluk in de Nine Streets >>


For a mix of typical American breakfast classics (but light and healthy) you have to go West! At Staring at Jacobs they have several egg dishes, where you can choose sausage or bacon with. But my favourite is the french toast!
Click here for more info and photos of Staring at Jacob in Amsterdam West >>

CT COFFEE & COCONUTS | Hotspots for breakfast in Amsterdam

Where you can really have an early breakfast in Amsterdam? CT Coffee & Coconuts at De Pijp! Here you are welcome from 7 o’clock in the morning for overnight buckwheat porridge, various egg dishes, fresh juices and pancakes!
Click here for more info and photos CT Coffee & Coconuts in De Pijp >>

So you do not want to make your own breakfast or is there no breakfast in bed by your lover? Then I hope you can enjoy your breakfast at one of these breakfast hotspots in Amsterdam!

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