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New York City diary part 4: Williamsburg and Green Point

5 September 2013

For Labor Day there were great parties going on all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. Too bad that it was raining cats and dogs… We headed to Williamsburg for another day of hotspotting! Did I tell you how much I love the street view in Williamsburg? Almost no high rise buildings. It always reminds me of London :-). In today’s blog we go for brunch on 5th street and discover Green Point!

5th street Williamsburg

Start your day with brunch! I like brunch so much better than breakfast or lunch… to me it’s equal to a lazy day where you sleep in a bit and do a breakfast and lunch in one. We plan on going for brunch to EGG. It’s a hotspot for breakfast, lunch or coffee! Egg is popular so prepare for a wait ;-). By the time we get there the line is so long… we decide to go to Juliette next door.

Juliette is a cosy cafe for every time of the day. It’s decorated in a French bistrot style and has a cool rooftop bar too.


Today it’s raining so we eat inside and order an extra iced coffee to kill the time waiting for the rain to stop.


With my maxi dress and sandals I bought in a small boutique in Seminyak on Bali I’m everything but dressed for rain ;-).


After brunch we walk through the Bedford Mini-Mall. You can access the mall through the vintage shops across the street from Juliette and EGG. The main entrance is on Bedford Avenue and it’s located between 4th and 5th street.


If you like sweets treat yourself to a mason jar full of candy from Handsome Dan’s!


From 5th street to Wythe Avenue

The rain is not going to stop! So armed with an umbrella and on soaked sandals we head towards the Hudson and walk by a very cool piece of street artist Roa.


We stop for a coffee at the cute little cafe and restaurant Cafe Mogador on Wythe Avenue. This place is a real gem and only open since March 2012. The menu is Arabic style and the crowd trendy. As everywhere in Williamsburg ;-).


On Wythe Avenue you pass the very nice Wythe hotel. The rooftop in the summer is so nice! But off course with rain that’s not going to work out ;-). We walk all the way up to 14th street into Green Point. From 10th street and up Williamsburg starts to look more and more industrial.


Green Point Brooklyn

Green Point is the district North of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. It’s really cool with nice boutiques and a lot of trendy bars and cafes. If you’re working freelance take your laptop and join the others at Yard a bar and work space in Green Point.


Close to Yard on Nassau Ave. you find OAK. It’s one of the best stores in Green Point with fashion for men and woman.


What I like about OAK is that they sell a mix of really expensive and really affordable things.


It’s time for a drink and we walk to Torst on Manhattan Avenue. It’s a beer cafe where they have over 20 beers on the tap. Bianca and I decide to go for a summer ale. This one seems to be the only one that’s not on the tap but comes in this very cool looking can.


We try and test a few more beers at Torst. The crowd is a fun mix of hipsters, beer lovers and locals.


Close to Torst you find the No Name bar. It’s a very funny looking place, it’s in a former Korean or Asian restaurant and you still see some traces from that. Now it’s packed with hipsters enjoying a drink in the lovely garden!


You find the No Name bar on 597 Manhattan Avenue in Green Point. From Williamsburg it’s only a 20 minute walk to Green Point, so if you’re in the area you should definitely make it down there for a drink!


It’s dinner time! We spotted a trendy cafe and restaurant when we walked into Green Point and decide to check 5 Leaves out for dinner.


Off course there’s a wait for a table but that’s no problem. We order Bloody Mary’s at the bar!

5 Leaves became my favourite restaurant in Green Point where you can dine outside and enjoy great bistro style food.


We walked sooo much today! After dinner we head back to the subway at Bedford Avenue. On the L-train there are break dancers every night. Imagine seeing this in the subway in Amsterdam!

Tomorrow B. and I are going to do a bike tour to Brooklyn! Talk to you tomorrow :-).

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