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Water en Brood Amsterdam: for a good lunch in the city center

10 June 2017

good food, no bullshit at water en brood amsterdam

Day and night, we’re looking for the newest spots in Amsterdam where we can go for some drinks and bites. And we found a new one! Located on the Nieuwe Kerkstraat, you’ll find a new place with the name Water en Brood Amsterdam. A simple name for a simple spot. They also say it themselves; good food, no bullshit. So, yes it’s the real deal. Order a sandwich, salad or soup and eat it there or order it to go so you can eat it in a park or along the canals. Also the interior is quite simple. Very clean, white and a lot of wood. We like!

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you want to try everything at water en brood amsterdam

You can visit Water en Brood Amsterdam for a delicious breakfast, lunch or brunch. And hey, those are my favourite things of the day (if you don’t count desserts ;-)). Order a breakfast burrito with egg, bacon, salsa, avocado, cheddar and beans or go for a french toast with sweet sour fruit compote. Doesn’t that sound so good? Want a vegetarian dish? They have multiple brunch plates and most of them are vegetarian, great! Such a fun place to go to for breakfast during the weekend or for a nice lunch with your friends. And trust me, once you’ve seen the menu, you want to go here ASAP!

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Photocredits: Jim Wilson

Water en Brood

Nieuwe Kerkstraat 84

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