14 x vintage shops in Amsterdam to visit now

vintage in amsterdam

Go on a vintage hunt at these vintage shops in amsterdam

Are you also a huge fan of haunting down the coolest and cheapest vintage items? It’s not always easy to find that one item that you love (between other old less pretty items), but to be fair: vintage is HOT these days. Wether it’s clothing, accessories or furniture… nothing is too wild in the vintage world. How cool is it to score that one (semi) unique item what nobody else has (any more)! Where do you go in Amsterdam to get your vintage items? We selected the 14 vintage shops in Amsterdam with the coolest vintage items!

These are the 14 best vintage shops in amsterdam

Marbles Vintage & Design: At Marbles you’ll find a huge selection of clothes, shoes, and accessories for a small price. One of our favourite vintage shops in Amsterdam where you can buy clothing that’s from the 50s, 60s, 70s, & 80s, and they still look great. Enough reasons to check out Marbles Vintage!

Kiloshop: The Kiloshop is the easy way of vintage shopping. You don’t pay per item, but per kilo! Everything in green is 30 euro per kilo, and everything in red is 20 euro (and by that we mean red and green stickers, of course). Did you drag your lover into the city with you? No worries: at the Kiloshop in The Pijp there’s also a café. Ideal for your lover to have a coffee with something tasty so you can take your time to try on closed. Win-win!

LENA: LENA is the fashion library of Amsterdam, or actually of the whole of The Netherlands. Here you can get a subscription so that, just like at the regular library, you can pick out something new. Yay! This can also be done online by the way, but also in the store on the Westerstraat.

Tatski & Kar vintage store in Amsterdam

I Love Vintage: I love to shop for vintage clothing at I Love Vintage on the Prinsengracht. This shop specializes in Vintage and Retro style clothing. And the good thing… everything is new! Meaning the clothing has never been worn so it’s great quality and looks really nice still. The real vintage items in this store are the bags, jewellery, and  shoes to complete your outfit!

PopBoy: You can get everything from the 50s and 60s at PopBy on the 2e Anjeliersdwarsstraat. You won’t only find vintage clothing and accessories there, but also books about women from that period. When you enter the shop you really feel as though you’ve gone back in time.

Jutka & Riska: At Jutka & Riska you can buy vintage clothing, their own label and the prettiest accessories! I like to come here to look for a new hat or a cute bag. The shop has a lot of unique products to offer which is why the prices can be a bit pricier. Extra nice: they have two locations! On the Bilderdijkstraat and Haarlemmerdijk.

vintage shops in amsterdam

Bullitt: In West you can do some great vintage shopping at Bullitt! Whether you’re looking for vintage furniture or clothing, Bullitt has everything. The owners only choose items that they like themselves, so if you have the same taste, this spot is definitely a good recommendation! Also, all of the items are unique, such as handmade jewellery and home accessories.

Episode: Episode is the shop for vintage and secondhand clothing. And luckily for us they have 4 locations throughout the city! Also good to know: the clothing doesn’t look work and everything is good quality. All the items are carefully selected by the employees. Personally, I find the shops to be quite full, but then again you can find vintage Dr. Martens and Levi’s here, score!

WINI: You’ll find WINI a short 5 minute stroll from Amsterdam Central. A vintage shop in Amsterdam where you can get top quality vintage items. They have cool items for men as well. Fabrics, accessories, shoes, dresses, and tops in every style. We like!

vintage shops in amsterdamPs: Are you looking for vintage designer items? Then visit these 3 amazing shops in Amsterdam.

Rumors Vintage & Design: The Haarlemmerbuurt is a great vintage area where you can find Rumors Vintage & Design. Not all women can go crazy here, but you can easily take your male friend or lover because they have things for everyone!

DasGaaf: DasGaaf doesn’t really belong on this list because you there you shop for furniture and pretty much everything for your interior. Vintage pieces from the 50s, 60s, and 70s are exactly what we’re looking for right now. Ps: it’s editor Renée’s favorite interior shop!

Thrift Shop: Located in De Pijp is Thrift Shop, which has a really cool concept! This vintage shop in Amsterdam is a combo of a concept store, vintage shop, and second hand shop, AND you can rent your own closet privately or as a business where you can sell your own clothes! So, with every visit it’s always a surprise to see what kind of clothing is waiting for you!

vintage shops in amsterdam

We Are Vintage: At We Are Vintage on the Kinkerstraat you’ll find vintage clothing, shoes, bags, hats, and scarves for women and men! This is also a one of the vintage shops in Amsterdam where you pay per kilo. Whether you’re looking for funky pants, or more basic vintage, you’ll find it. The shop has a second location in East as well!

Bij ons vintage: At Bij ons vintage in the Nine Streets and the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal there aren’t only female shoppers looking for the nicest vintage items for a good price, but men also love to shop there. The items are changed up regularly, so you have more reasons to go back. YES!

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