Saas-Fee Travel Guide


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Saas-Fee Travel Tips

In this Saas-Fee Travel Guide we collected our best tips for a winter holiday for you. Saas-Fee is located in the Saas-Valley and surrounded by over 18 peaks that are higher than 4.000 meter, like the highest peak in Switzerland called the 4.545 meter high Dom. Trust me when I say that it’s impressive when you wake up and open the curtains looking at those mountains! The ski-season is from mid November to mid April, but you can also ski on some slopes on the gletscher in the summer during the morning

One of the things that makes Saas-Fee so charming is that you don’t see any cars in the village. Don’t worry about your luggage though, most of the hotels have an electric taxi-service to pick you up. Our favourite hotel in Saas-Fee is without a doubt The Capra***** which has a fantastic restaurant as well. Enjoy all the tips in this Saas-Fee Travel Guide!

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