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New York City diary part 5 – a night at The Meatpacking District

9 September 2013

A night out at the Meatpacking district!

New Yorkers go out on Thursday night. And since I’m living the life of a New York girl this week we decided it was time to go dancing! So up to the Meatpacing District :-). I really like this rough neighbourhood and especially the High Line Park and Chelsea Market. And that’s exactly where I went for a take out dinner!

Chelsea Market – The Meatpacking District – New York


My first stop at Chelsea Market is the Anthropologie store. I LOVE this concept store. In the fall and winter I like to wear hats. How cute is this one with the tiny feathers?

Anthropologie is one of the best stores to shop original accessories for your home. I think it’s a good thing I can’t take it with me because I would go mad otherwise and buy the whole store ;-).


Every time when I’m at Chelsea Market I stop by the Lobster Place to buy sushi. The High Line is the perfect place to sit down and eat a take out meal!


I leave Chelsea Market to go to my favourite coffee hotspot in The Meatpacking District. At Blue Bottle coffee they make me a yummy soy iced latte :-). After a quick visit to Artists and Fleas in the back of Chelsea Market I go up to High Line park.


From The High Line Park you have the best views of the Meatpacking District!


The High Line park has a lot of benches where you can enjoy the views. I sit down and blog a bit on my iPad. I soooo love the New York life!


Tonight I wear a long black dress and a statement necklace. Simple and classy.


Cheap, healthy and fresh! My dinner from the Lobster Place at Chelsea Market.


I never walked at the High Line park by night before but I recommend doing so! The Meatpacking District looks even more amazing with all the lights!


Clubbing at the Meatpacking District

I meet up with S. and B. at the Biergarten of the Standard hotel. This is the place to go for drinks when the night is still young!


And what do you drink at a biergarten? Exactly… to big beers!


Tonight we’re going to Le Bain at the top of the Standard hotel.I always wondered why this club is named Le Bain…


Because there’s a swimming pool in the club! And people actually go in it. LOL


After a few Whiskey sour we go to the next club! We want to go to the rooftop bar at The Jane but there’s a private party when we get there.

Party, party! And ready to go out again :-) #loveNY

B. and I dance the night away on disco classics from Madonna to the popular house music from the 90’ies. Groove is in the heaaaaaaaaaaart!

Stay tuned for part 6 of the New York City diary :-). Have you been in NY yet?

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