Sunday 7: Stach Schaberg from STACH Food

26 April 2015

7 questions to Stach Schaberg from STACH Food!

Mad about food, that’s Stach Schaberg from the super hip shop Stach Food. In this Sunday 7 this amazing business man tells all about his Amsterdam. From looking at food (shop presentations, supermarkets overseas) to buying, from cooking to tasting. Everywhere he goes, he sees chances and he gets ideas. He can put all that inspiration and energy into his shops, so that they can only get even more awesome. But what are Stach’s favourite spots in Amsterdam?

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This neighbourhood has a special place in my heart…
“The Helmersbuurt (Brederodestraat) because I used to live there with my wife (still my girlfriend back then). That was also during the time when our first child was born, so it is a precious period of my life. Favourite addresses: Wilhelmina for coffee, sandwiches, cakes with the kids. Then also the Ten Katemarkt and De Toog.”

Bucket list
Organise a tour that goes to all my (perhaps still unknown for the crowd) favourite (food) businesspeople to hear their story behind their successful bestsellers.”

Drinking coffee at…
Head First Coffee Roasters; two enthusiastic brothers with so much passion for the job. I love drinking espresso or cappuccino.”

Personal top 3 for food outdoors
Gebroeders Hartering, Rijsel, Bar Spek

Having a drink with snacks?
Ibericus, wine and good charcuterie. With my wife or a good friend.”

Hidden gem
“That used to be the Ten Kate markt before the neighbourhood got really hot and happening. They have the best sandwiches for when you’re hungover and there was a shop for some good spices etc.”

Favo restaurant in het buitenland
“The RedFarm New York. I love Asian food and the quality of their food is really good. Aside from that it is just simply a really nice place.”

Favourite tracks:

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