SUGARBAR by Tudy’s Kitchen


Sweet tooths, take note! SUGARBAR by Tudy’s Kitchen has opened its doors

13 March 2024
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Good news for everyone who loves sweets and sugar: SUGARBAR by Tudy’s Kitchen is a fact in Amsterdam-West. A new hotspot where dessert lovers can’t believe their luck.

Why you want to visit SUGARBAR by Tudy’s Kitchen

Tudy’s Kitchen had been a real hit for some time. The black-owned ice cream brand caused quite a stir in the ice cream world because Tudy’s ice cream cannot be matched by any other ice cream you have ever tasted. That literally and figuratively left me wanting more. Two years after owner Tudy quit her permanent job to explore the world of sweets, it was time for the next step. And so her own SUGARBAR was born.

‘Less than two years ago I embarked on a journey that completely turned my life upside down. I left job security and financial stability and embraced the uncertainties that come with being an entrepreneur. I made the decision with my eyes wide open to say YES to discomfort,” owner Nekeia Boone explains on Instagram. Nekeia’s biggest source of inspiration is her grandmother, Tudy. She always cooked fantastic food, completely by instinct and without a recipe. With its new concept store and dessert mecca, Neikeia is following in her footsteps.


With the brand new SUGARBAR, you will find more than its famous ice cream. The combination of sweet and savory flavors makes Tudy’s offering so unique. Chicken and waffles, dark chocolate with bacon, and brown sugar with bourbon are from Tudy’s unique combinations.

Not only that, Tudy’s can best be described as a dessert shop that sells more than just desserts. For example, you will also find wine and make-up according to the owner’s taste. However, it’s all about desserts, with ice cream being the big centerpiece.

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SUGARBAR by Tudy’s Kitchen

© SUGARBAR by Tudy’s Kitchen, @tudyssugarbar

SUGARBAR by Tudy’s Kitchen

© SUGARBAR by Tudy’s Kitchen, @tudyssugarbar


SUGARBAR by Tudy’s Kitchen

De Clercqstraat 48

Amsterdam (Amsterdam West)
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