Sticky Fingers Amsterdam: for everyone who loves pink, coffee and sweets

Sticky fingers Amsterdam, a sweet walhalla

Sticky Fingers Amsterdam is the new pink, sweet place where you want to spend your Sunday mornings. Oh well, actually every day of the week. It’s not the flamingo pink interior that’s making this new hotspot a sweet spot, it’s the menu that’s causing problems with your New Year’s resolutions. Cakes, cakes and cakes is what you’re ordering next to your cup of tea or coffee.

Our mouth was watering when we saw all the cute and delicious banoffee, raspberry and appel cakes standing in the showcase. What to choose? We took the banoffee and raspberry ones and were one of those people who can’t get enough, so we took another quiche and a coconut macaroon, #guilty. The coconut macaroons are warm and covered with sauce, so good! Oh and definitely order a good coffee and sit on the pink high chairs behind the window to look at the chaos outside. Perfect spot for people watching!

Sticky Fingers amsterdam

organic and fresh at sticky fingers amsterdam

So you can find a lot of sweets at Sticky Fingers Amsterdam. Oh oh! To calm you down, everything is organic and fresh, pfieuw. Don’t forget to make a cute picture next to the pink wall, it’s so colourful it’s hard not to be happy when you’re there. There’s a big chance you’re going to find us here more often, with of course one or maybe two cakes or a bag of popcorn on the table. You can find Sticky Fingers Amsterdam at Amstelveenseweg 3. Good news for the early birds that like to go out in the morning, this new hotspot is open at 7pm, perfect for your breakfast meetings or dates.

And did you know there’s also a new Conscious Hotel next to Sticky Fingers and a great restaurant called Restaurant Moer?

Sticky Fingers amsterdam

Sticky Fingers amsterdam



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