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Stach Asian Foodcourt Amsterdam: for take-away or eat-in at the Overtoom

6 February 2017

try the poké bowls at the new stach food court in west

One of our favorite food stores Stach is on a roll. At the end of 2016 they opened a brand new store at the Zeilstraat, a Stach Café in the ‘Spiegelkwartier’ and this month a Stach Asian Foodcourt at the Overtoom and soon the people working in the WTC can enjoy the lovely coffees and sandwiches from Stach.

By now almost every neighbourhood has a Stach store, but the Asian Food Court at the Overtoom is different than the others. The owner of Stach missed a spot in Amsterdam West close to the Overtoom where you can get good and healthy Asian dishes. A new concept was born! So that’s why you can get fresh poké bowls, sushi, spring rolls and Asian salads at the Stach Asian Foodcourt at the Overtoom. You can stay at Stach and eat your meal right away or you take it with you and eat it at home or your office.

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stach asian foodcourt

must try: the poké bowl with salmon and courgettini

We were in the neighborhood to create our new top list with hotspots at the Overtoom, so we decided to take a look at this new Asian Foodcourt. At first you think it’s just another Stach store, until you see the delicious poké bowls, sushi and summer rolls on the counter. The dishes are packed so you can take them with you right away, but when you want to stay they’ll serve them on pretty plates and bowls.


We decided to stay and ordered the poké bowl with salmon and courgettini in stead of rice. On the side we also took some sushi. Keep an eye on the next vlog so you can see what Stach Asian Food Court looks like. What else we loved: while you’re eating your summer roll you can see the chefs in the kitchen making all the Asian snacks. And we fell in love with the interior design. Those chairs and the marble tables!

stach asian foodcourt

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stach asian foodcourt

stach asian food courtAt the Asian Foodcourt you can get all kinds of fresh dishes, but also Asian Snacks. Think of seaweed chips (yes, it’s so tasty), soups and Asian cookies. And of course you can also still get the signature products there from Stach like the breads, juices and the cookies. Enjoy!

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Overtoom 112

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