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Shelter Amsterdam: a true underground club

3 October 2016

for the ultimate 24-hour experience you’ll go to shelter amsterdam!

Can you imagine taking the ferry ‘all the way’ to Amsterdam-North for a night out? It almost seems impossible for most of us. But it’s possible and soon enough it might be the thing to do on a Friday- or Saturday night. Shelter Amsterdam at the A’dam Tower is the club that has to complete the 24-hours experience of this new creative breeding place. And have a guess where it actually is? Exactly, in the basement of the towering building!

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And let’s get back to that 24-hour experience. Because what do you need for the ultimate 24-hour experience?  Exactly, a 24-hour license. And that is what they have at Shelter Amsterdam. That’s what completes the concept of Shelter. With its industrial-chic interior and its underground character-including thick concrete stripped walls à la Berlin-this it’s the new underground club of Amsterdam. The men behind Shelter want to distinguish themselves with the programs, the DJs and the public. Think electronic music with a rough touch. Inspired by clubs from London, Moscow and Berlin.

The nice thing about club Shelter is that that the ferry will take you back to the other side of the IJ River again. Are you craving something delicious after your wild night out? The A’dam Towers has got you covered for that as well.  Because also The Butcher Social Club is 24/7 open, just for you. How good is that?

Check the website of Shelter Amsterdam for more information!


Shelter Amsterdam

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Amsterdam (Amsterdam North)


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