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Puccini Bomboni Amsterdam: chocolate paradise

16 November 2014

Puccini Bomboni Amsterdam: one out of ten best chocolatiers in the world!

Puccini Bomboni is one of the best chocolatiers in Amsterdam. You can even find Puccini Bomboni on the list of 10 best chocolatiers in the world! So should’nt be hard to convince you they serve pretty good chocolates. Everything they make is handmade and they don’t use any sugar, fondant or butter. They also use no artificial substances.

3 locations in Amsterdam!

You’ll find chocolaterie Puccini Bomboni at three different location in the centre of Amsterdam. Try the caramel chocolate, the milk and almond or the cinnamon. Want to try something really special? Go for the pepper or rhubarb. Or try my favourite: the fig marzipan.

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Puccini Bomboni Amsterdam

Address: Staalstraat 17, Oudekerkplein 17a, Singel 184, Amsterdam
Neighbourhood: Amsterdam City Centre
Website: puccinibomboni.com
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