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Proefwerk Amsterdam: for shared dining close to the RAI in Amsterdam

16 May 2017

proefwerk amsterdam gives Amsterdam south a deserved upgrade

Proefwerk Amsterdam is going to be your new favourite spot in South! This bar + restaurant will open close to the RAI soon, and we’re so happy with that. It’s time for this neighbourhood to get an upgrade. The men behind Tinner, Café de Paris and Terpentijn are going to take the challenge, and when you hear their plans, you just know that it can’t go wrong. Nice: The Facebook page of Proefwerk Amsterdam is pink and blue, let’s hope we’ll see these colours in the interior as well.

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you come to proefwerk amsterdam for shared dining & drinks

Proefwerk Amsterdam is going to be the spot for shared dining, and if there’s something we love… Shared dining is perfect to do with friends. Order lots of different bites and try the whole (almost) menu. So fun! Done eating? Don’t go home yet because there is more to do here. Music, dancing, drinks and food. Doesn’t that just sound perfect?!

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Seems like the perfect spot for a date night or a girls’ night out right? First have some food, then catch up and when you’re done eating and talking you can dance and try a (two, three.. ;-)) cocktails. Let’s hope that Proefwerk Amsterdam opens soon, because I can’t wait to plan a night with friends including lots of food, drinks and some dancing too!

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Amsterdam (Amsterdam Old South)


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