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7 x poké bowls in Amsterdam you don’t want to miss

7 January 2019

These are must visit spots when you have poké bowl cravings!

If you missed it, the poké bowl came over from Hawaii at the end of last year. A traditional Hawaiian dish that consists of rice, raw fish and fresh ingredients such as cucumber, tuna and coriander. The classic sushi roll made place for sushi in a bowl! We love poké bowls and the spots where you can get one of those delicious bowls emerge everywhere in the city. Because of this healthy fast food bowl you don’t have to feel guilty when you open your Foodora app once again ;-) Where you can get the best poké bowls? We made a list with the best spots voor poké bowls in Amsterdam!

Ps. Don’t want to leave the house? Order a poké bowl for at home. We added the spots where you can order a poké bowl for you. You’re welcome ;-)

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7 x the best poké bowls in Amsterdam

Wiki Wiki: Wiki Wiki means ‘quick quick’ in Hawaiian, but at Wiki Wiki they are very laid back and make carefully selected poké bowls. We tried the poké bowls of Wiki Wiki and have to say, they’re good! Try the poké bowl with salmon, quinoa and apple or the Mexican tuna with black rice, pineapple and avocado. Yum!

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Poké Perfect: Poké Perfect is the first Hawaiian restaurant in Amsterdam and spot where we could get poké bowls. You can choose from six signature dishes, but it might be even better to create your own poké bowl with all your favourite ingredients!

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poké bowls

Poké Perfect

Bowls & Buns: Try the classic bowl at Bowls & Buns with tuna and salmon, mango, beans, onions and cucumber. The bao buns here are also recommended over here. Specially the variant with pulled pork, we love it! A poké bowl and bao bun together cost € 12,-, perfect for a weekday night out, if you ask us.

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The Poké Market: On the menu at The Poké Market you can find a bowl salmon, boiled rice, soybeans, cucumber and radishes. Are you vegetarian? Then go for the delicious Veggy Paradise Bowl with crispy tofu, bioled rice, fresh mushrooms and carrots. And here too, you can create your own poké bowl as you like it.

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Sushito: At Sushito they combine flavours from Mexico, Japan and Hawaii in one. This is thé spot in De Pijp where you can go for a delicious lunch or dinner. Besides tasty poké bowls (which you can put together yourself) you can also go for a sushi burrito.


Temakery: At Temakery we can enjoy Korean, Vietnamese and Thai delights. Hawaiian poké bowls, sushi wraps and handrolls are prepared with love right in front of you. So good!

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Pluk: Also at our all time favourite spot Pluk you can have one of those delicious poké bowls. They have one with sushi rice, salmon, edamame beans, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, mango, avocado and sweet onion with sesame. Yum!

Enjoy these spots for the best poké bowls in Amsterdam!

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