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12 x the best pasta carbonara in Amsterdam that you want to try now!

9 May 2017

this is where you eat the best PASTA CARBONARA IN AMSTERDAM

Italian food, is there any day you don’t want to eat this delicious food? Instead of going for a basic pizza or pasta bolognese, order the pasta carbonara! Pasta with bacon, egg, cheese and black pepper. You’ve probably tried it already. If not (we almost can’t believe this!), then you should really try it soon! We made a list with places where you can eat the best pasta carbonara in Amsterdam. Yummm, can we have it now please?


Pasta Pasta: Freshly made pasta and prepared with love, yes the pasta carbonara at Pasta Pasta is delicious! And the chef recommends it too, so order it!

Lo Stivale d’Oro: This Italian couple has a restaurant in Amsterdam, near the Amstel. Cozy and not too busy. And on the menu nothing but tasty Italian dishes.

Campo de’ Fiori: For a good Italian lunch or dinner in the city center, you have to go to Campo de’ Fiori. On the lunch menu there is a pasta carbonara, and we want to try it ASAP.

Casa di David: At Casa di David in the center of Amsterdam, the pasta carbonara is slightly different than usual. They use pancetta from south Tirol. Yum!

pasta carbonara in amsterdam

casa di david

Vapiano: Cheap and tasty. That’s how I would describe Vapiano. Tell the chef what you want to eat, and wait for the buzzer to go off. Pick up your food and enjoy!

Cantinetta: Wine? Check! Pasta? Check! Pasta carbonara? Check! Want to eat something else? Order the pasta pomodoro e mozzarella or try the special.

Eddy Spaghetti: In Amsterdam East, there is Eddy Spaghetti, and yes they have pasta carbonara on the menu. But with mackerel, zucchini, rosemary, capers and pecorino. Yum!

pasta carbonara in amsterdam

eddy spaghetti

Dolce Vita: Italian food and a view on the water? YES, that’s what you get at Dolce Vita. Order a pasta carbonara and tiramisu for dessert. Can it get any better?

Rimini: The prices at Rimini are low and the food tastes good! The perfect combo right? Order one of the pizzas or go for a pasta carbonara. I want the latter!

Antonio’s: At Antonio’s there are 18, yes 18, different kind of pasta dishes on the menu! That’s going to be a tough choice.. Gonna be good for sure!

Our newest lists

Pastabar: This pasta bar is close to the central station. Need to eat before catching the train? Get yourself a pasta carbonara at Pastabar! Another plus: it’s quite cheap!

La Festa: Here as well, 18 different kinds of pastas on the menu. Picking the one you want won’t be easy. But you’re sure the food will be good!

These are our favourite spots with pasta carbonara in Amsterdam!

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Photocredits: casa di david, eddy spaghetti


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