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15 x cosy heated terraces in Amsterdam

2 January 2019


Summer has officially ended, together with the days where we spend hours at a terrace with some drinks and bites. To keep that amazing feeling, we just don’t move. Because in Amsterdam there are some pretty good heated terraces to spend the night with friends. What’s your favorite thing about a heated terrace in Amsterdam? These are our favorite spots for heated terraces in Amsterdam, and we put all on a list for you. Time to warm up!

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Bar Roseval: Bar Roseval in Amsterdam West is the perfect place to start your evening. Look for a nice spot on the heated terrace and order some delicious street food (baba ganoush, pitas with hummus dip, and pita chops), and a nice beer of course. Life’s good!

Bar Mash: Bar Mash is a tiny bar in The Pijp where you can sit on long beer tables, under the heaters, and have some drinks with your friends. The Asian snacks are also really good. Perfect for Friday after noon drinks!

Louie Louie: You can spend the whole night at this hot spot in Amsterdam East when the temperature drops. A place to enjoy breakfast, lunch and bar food – inspired by South American cuisine. Taco’s please!

Bar Botanique: Of course we can’t forget the famous living room of East. When it’s getting colder, the heaters are turned on. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy a cup of coffee or a cocktail with friends in the evening.

© Bar Botanique

Bar Botanique // © Bar Botanique

Smokin’ Barrels: This cool spot doesn’t only have nice beer, G&T’s, and the best surf & turf, but they also have a warm terrace. At Smokin’ Barrels in East encapsulated to make sure that the wind won’t ruin your evening.

Meneer Nieges: Nice in summer, nice in fall and winter. Even when it’s the getting colder and colder, you can just order a drink on sit at the waterfront terrace. Long live the heaters!

Radijs: Radijs Amsterdam is a nice neighbourhood cafe in West where you can go for an affordable breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks! Is the sun out? Then find a seat on the terrace, which is right on the water. Sun isn’t shining? No worries, the heaters will be on!

verwarmd terras in AmsterdamDe Biertuin

De Biertuin: In the mood for beer and chicken outside on the terrace? At De Biertuin in Amsterdam East you can sit outside the whole year! It’s always busy so try to go on time to make sure that you have the warmest spot in the middle! You can leave your winterjacket and your scarf at home.

Waterkant: At Waterkant in Amsterdam West you can relax in Suriname vibes. Have a Parbo beer outside in the heated tent. Or want something warmer? The saoto soup will warm you up.

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Westergasterras: The Westergasterras in Amsterdam West is always open. Good or bad weather, you can always have some drinks and snacks outside here. Nice and cosy!

Hoogendam: Are you in the area of Westerdok and looking for a nice hotspot? Then go to Café Restaurant Hoogendam in Amsterdam. An all day hotspot and the perfect spot to meet up with your friends or neighbours for some quality time. Oh, and did I already mention that there’s a huge heated terrace next to the water?

The Walter Woodbury Bar: The Javastraat in Amsterdam East is so fun! And not only the street. The Walter Woodbury Bar is nice too, and they have a small terrace which is nicely heated. Have a nice refreshing G&T, or a coffee if you’re still cold. Let’s go!

verwarmd terras in Amsterdam

The Walter Woodburry Bar

Morgan & Mees: On the edge of the Jordaan and Amsterdam West you’ll find Morgan & Mees. We go here for the steak frites, so good! Want to have a pre-cocktail outside in under the heaters? Then you’re at the right address!

Cafe Bloemers: Cafe Bloemers in The Pijp has a great terrace and yes, it’s heated! This eatery has existed for years and it’s still really cosy. In the mood for some casual drinks with friends? Then this is the perfect spot!

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Have fun!

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