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8 x a delicious grilled sandwich in Amsterdam that isn’t basic at all

7 April 2017

Grilled sanchiches in amsterdam, here you’ll find the best ones

What’s even easier than making a grilled sandwiches at home? Getting one somewhere in town! Luckily there are a lot of hotspots in Amsterdam that serve the most delicious grilled sandwiches. 2 slices, 3 slices, cheese, vegetables, (vegan) cheese. Yumm! These are our 10 favorite places for a good grilled sandwich in Amsterdam!

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8 x a must try & tasty grilled sandwich in amsterdam


Bar Bukowski: Most people probably now the croque madame and the croque monsieur. At Bar Bukowski they even have another variation. The croque italiano! So delicious, definitely worth a try!

Toastable: At Toastable they love grilled sandwiches. But real ones. And what exactly are real grilled sandwiches? A lot of cheese, good bread, crusty and with different toppings. Fun fact: some grilled sandwiches are 8cm high before they go into the grill.

Metropolitain: Metropolitain is a quite popular hotspot in the city center. They have multiple ‘croques’ on the menu. A croque monsieur but a croque burger as well.

grilled sandwich in amsterdam


De Tweede Jeugd: The owners of De Tweede Jeugd found out that a lot of bread from bakeries gets thrown away. Such a waste! At De Tweede Jeugd, they use this bread to make grilled sandwiches. It might doesn’t sound that tasty, but wait until you try them yourself!

Robbie Brood & Tosti: In the Jordaan, you’ll find Robbie Brood & Tosti where you can order great grilled sandwiches. We know where we’ll go for lunch next time!

More hotspots in Amsterdam

Caulils: When you’re visiting the Hallen in Amsterdam, you will notice Caulils for sure! They’re mainly know for their uber grilled sandwich. Choose the bread you like, the cheese type and enjoy!

What are your favourite spots for a grilled sandwich in Amsterdam?

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Photocredits: metropolitain  @__forkintheroad


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