Cannibale Royale Amsterdam North: now also steak and hamburgers on NDSM-Wharf

Cannibale Royale Amsterdam

Cannibale Royale Amsterdam North makes meat dreams come true

YES, we can also eat the steaks, entrecotes and delicious fries from Cannibale Royale in Amsterdam North! So, good news for everybody who’s living in North and want to have a good piece of meat in te (late) evening as well. Cannibale Royale Amsterdam North opened its doors on the always cosy NDSM-Wharf. I hear you thinking, where?  With good news, unfortunately comes bad news too. Bistro Noord, that nice spot where you can sit from morning till evening, closed after 3 years of hard working.

All right, Cannibal Royale Amsterdam North so. The fourth place of the meat restaurant is big, very big and it still has the Cannibal Royale atmosphere that you know. It’s warm and especially cozy. You do want to spend 15 minutes on the very for this one, believe us!

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Photocredits: Cannibale Royale

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