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Cafe De Ceuvel Amsterdam: green hotspot in North

14 July 2014

Cafe De Ceuvel Amsterdam is the new summer hotspot!

For Cafe De Ceuvel in Amsterdam North it can’t be green enough. And by green I mean good for us and the planet. This new summer hotspot is located at the old wharf called De Ceuvel and has the philosophy of being fully self supportive in the future. Pretty cool! Cafe De Ceuvel is made of recycled materials and because they used old stuff to build this new place it has character immediately!

At Cafe De Ceuvel good food is very important. Good and affordable food for everyone. Locally produced ingredients are used for the menu. In the future Cafe De Ceuvel will also sell fresh produce from their own rooftop farm. Sounds good, right?

De Ceuvel Amsterdam

Address: Korte Papaverweg 2 t/m 6, Amsterdam
Neighbourhood: Amsterdam North
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