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Bodytec Lounge Amsterdam: gym for people with little time!

17 February 2015

20 minutes in the gym, 3 hour results

Every year it’s the same old story for me. This year I’m really going to work hard and get fit. Would be nice right, to be super fit before hitting the mid thirties… Or well, if I could only be a bit more firm by the first signs of summer I’m already a happy girl.

But I have to be honest. I’m not a sportaholic or fitgirl who eats healthy all the time and works out non-stop. No, I’m a workaholic. Who loves to spend her Friday nights at dinner parties eating too much food and drinking a bottle to many. My Saturday mornings are dedicated to blogging instead of going for a run.

To train or not to train…

That doesn’t mean I don’t sport at all. I FORCE myself to do cardio or running twice a week. What in fact means that once a week is more realistic. I would like to add training n the gym to that, but I don’t want to get an expensive membership at a gym and only go four times… before quitting again.

Bodytec Lounge

A while ago I cycled by Bodytec Lounge on the Stadhouderskade in Amsterdam. Their promise? In 20 minutes per lesson you can achieve the results of 3 hours in the gym.  The only thing is that you have to wear a special outfit and that outfit is connected to a machine with a scart cable (no joke!). Bodytec is based on a special technique that is used by physiotherapists for a long time already. With use of electronic pulses the muscles are fully trained with faster results as an effect. In only 20 minutes per training!

The first lessons…

You understand… I was triggered! And by now I did 5 lessons of Bodytec already. Honest is honest. The first lesson is a bit weird. Wearing a special suit (no underwear!) that is sprayed with water and special bands and a vest to train all body parts. You must thing.. why?! Well, if it works… it works! After the first lesson you already get used to the impulses.

It’s a big misunderstanding that Bodytec is not a tough workout. Trust me… planking for a minute is hard and especially with a suit giving you electronic impulses every four seconds. Sometimes my trainings go very well.. other days I’m leaving Bodytec Lounge with a head like a tomato.

The results after 5 lessons >>

And now the most important question… does it work? My first five lessons are a fact! I had so much muscle aches the first weeks that It has to be working… I didn’t lose weight yet. But I start to notice that it’s all a bit firmer. I feel fit. I feel like working out twice a week in the gym! I already booked lesson 6 to 10. Finally a training that seems to work for me. And something I can combine with my busy (travel) schedule.

So if you see me running around at festivals wearing a crop top this summer… it’s working!

Tip: if you have little time but you’re looking for a work out that works you might want to do a free trial lesson. Check out the website of Bodytec Lounge for more info >>


YEAH! I may invite followers of Your Little Black Book to try 3 x 5 lessons at Bodytec Lounge :-). Winning is easy. Leave a happy comment on this blogpost before February 24 and maybe I see you in the gym soon!
The winners are: R. Hilhorst, H. Hageman and G. Hoopman.


Bodytec Lounge

Address: Stadhouderskade 155 (and soon also in Amsterdam West), Amsterdam
Neighbourhood: De Pijp

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