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Banksy “Better Out Than In”: street art on a level you have never seen before!

7 October 2013
Photo credit: Banksy

The great Banksy (probably worlds most famous street artist) is making “The Streets a Playground”.

Wow! Really exciting stuff is happening in New York right now! It’s on tv, in the papers, social media, everywhere.
Street artist Banksy is revealing a new piece of art everyday now in New York. This masterpiece of a show called “Better Out Than In” is of a level that has never been seen before.
Next to the piece you’ll see a telephone number. Dial this number and you’re in for a surprise… For the people who can’t see this for themselves, check his website to hear the audio guides. This is brilliant!
First thing I do in the mornings is check what the big man has created the night before. I’ve spotted 4 of the pieces myself. On the scene a lot of people are filming and photographing it, so it’s not hard to miss it. Unfortunately losers have already destroyed these magnificent pieces of art. Why?

Below is what we have been seeing so far from Banksy. The truck you see is from the 5th day. It can be located on a new spot every day in New York. Unfortunately I haven’t spotted it myself yet.
Sunday morning he added a very controversial video on his website. Check it out, I’m curious what you think the message behind it is. Classic themes in his work are Disney and the Middle East I read on Instagram. But what does he mean by this? The neighborhood DUMBO? There has been a lot of speculation about this video on Instagram.

Banksy NY!

This whole month of October a new piece will be revealed by Banksy every day. Just check his Instagram (#banksyny) or website to see what it is and in which neighborhood to find it.

Just this morning he revealed this new piece somewhere in Brooklyn. If you listen to the audio guide you’ll hear a funny message…

This mysterious guy is a master. And what an impact this has on the art scene in New York. Around the world even!

Check out some of his former works I found on the internet just to show you how great he is. Mostly controversial, always with a message. Want more of Banksy? Watch the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop.
Banksy Pulp Fiction
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