Aardbei Amsterdam: a strawberry heaven for strawberry lovers

aardbei amsterdam

go to aardbei amsterdam to feed your strawberry cravings

We love strawberries! We jumped in the air with happiness when we by chance walked past Aardbei Amsterdamthe strawberry bar in Amsterdam. Yep, a real strawberry heaven, established by Jetske Ronner and Nico van Reekum after a successful crowdfunding campaign. Apparently we aren’t the only ones that like to snack on strawberries… Aardbei Amsterdam is in the city center on Spui and opens at 8.30 in the morning to welcome us with a croissant with fresh strawberries to wake us up.

What else can you order at Aardbei Amsterdam besides our favourite croissant with strawberries? How about strawberries on a stick, with melted chocolate of course. Frozen yogurt with strawberry, coconut, walnuts, and honey, but also healthy smoothies, like smoothies with strawberries, spinach and orange juice. Milkshakes, ice creams, and even savoury dishes like bagels with strawberries for lunch. Or in other words, everything you can imagine with strawberries. Tip: don’t forget the prosecco with strawberries, bubbles are always a good idea!

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