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5 February 2016

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Who has been watching Yourlbb, knows that I spend almost all of January travelling through South Africa. It was so much fun! And especially so beautiful. Strolling through the streets of Braamfontein in Johannesburg or visiting neighbourhood markets in Cape Town, mmm, I wish I could go back!

How does your South Africa look like?

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Does my south africa looks like your south africa?

How does Your South Africa look like? On you can play a funny test to discover what’s Your South Africa. Together with Ellen Hoog, Jelmer de Boer and Everon Jackson Hooi I will ask you questions that you can answer by choosing a photo. This personality test shows on who you look like most. Do you look like me? Than I tell you all about My South Africa in a video. Extra cool: if you do the test, you also get a chance to win two tickets to South Africa.


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The nice foodmarkets, the cool bars and restaurants, the lovely food and the kind people. I can truly say that I love this country. It’s so special! And even better: it’s payable. On safari to the Krugerpark (which is still on my bucketlist), drinking cocktails and dancing on a rooftop, tasting wine and eating good food in the wine region, drinking coffee at cool coffeespots and snorkeling with seals. It has it all!


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