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Cape Town

10 x the most colourful cities in the world for on your bucket list

2 July 2017

These are the most colourful cities in the world to visit now

I love colour, it’s even that bad that I look for cities to visit that match that happy colour scheme. In the end, it makes you happy too right?! Ánd every picture you make is perfect to send to your loved ones at home ;-). That’s why I selected the most colourful cities in the world in one list, cities that belong on your bucket list.

The blue city Chefchaouen in Morocco for example, it’s painted blue for the believes that they have. Or the city Prague, that’s painted in all the colours of the rainbow because of the resistance of the youth against the communism. But also cities such as Procida in Italy and Valparaiso in Chile are worth a visit. Let’s travel!

10 x colourful cities in the world for colour addicts

Willemstad – Curaçao: One of the most cozy islands in the Caribbean is Curaçao. Besides the friendly people, the nice weather and the beautiful beaches it’s also a colourful picture to see.

Chefchaouen – Morocco: You’ve probably seen this blue city on TV, Pinterest or in travel magazines. The colour blue stands in Judaism for protection and the people thought that was so nice, that they painted the whole city blue. But also to emits heat, ’cause man it can get it hot in Morocco.

Bo-Kaap – South Africa: Bo-Kaap is the pretty part of the city of Cape Town. The bright colours of pink, blue, green and orange can be seen everywhere. And the blocked coloured houses will make you feel like you’re in a city of Lego.

Procida, Napels – Italy: Procida is a small island in front of the coast of Naples. Not really known yet, to the satisfaction of the residents. They are fine with sharing their peace, fresh fish and colourful houses only together.

Procida, Napels – Italië

Guatapé – Colombia: Guatapé is Colombia’s most colourful village. The houses are not only very colourful over here, they’re also often decorated with the most beautiful paintings and coloured ornaments.

Havana – Cuba: A city that’s high on my list to visit is Cuba. Partly due to the colourful houses, but also because of the old cars and cigars of course ;-).

Praag – Tsjechië: Wil je iets dichter bij huis blijven? Dan is Praag in Tsjechië zeker een aanrader. De warm gekleurde huizen zorgen voor een romantische sfeer, en al helemaal als het zonnetje ook nog eens schijnt. Leuk voor een weekendje weg met je lover.

Prague – Czech Republic: Want to stay a little bit closer to home? Then Prague in the Czech Republic is definitely recommended. It has a romantic atmosphere because of the warm-coloured houses, specially when the sun shines! Perfect for a nice weekend away with your lover.

Valparaíso – Chile: Valparaíso has the largest harbor of Chile and is also the most colourful city of all. Houses are painted in all the colours of the rainbow and as if that was not enough, they also decorated a lot of walls with the most beautiful drawings.

Valparaíso – Chili

Guanajuato, Mexico: The colourful city Guanajuato is one of Mexico’s most beautiful cities, it even has a place in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Nice: the city has a traffic system under the ground that everybody uses. Nice and quiet!

Burano, Venice – Italy: Burano is an island in the lagoon of Venice and has a lot of coloured houses. Every house has its own colour, how nice is that?! Besides that, the city has the narrow canals and little bridges that makes you think of Venice.

What are your favourite colourful cities in the world?

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