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9 x natural wonders of the world that belong on your bucketlist

18 March 2020

visit these natural wonders of the world and be amazed

We  can really enjoy the ‘breathtaking moments’ during a trip. From those moments when you stand on the edge of a cliff, you’re amazed by the size of a waterfall or the moments you want to dive in clear blue water. Nature has a lot to offer. That’s why we made a list with the most amazing natural wonders of the world that belong on your bucketlist. Let’s travel the world!

9 X the most impressive natural wonders of the world

Salar de Uyuni: this well-known wonder in nature consists of a salt plain and can be found in Bolivia. It’s isn’t the world’s largest salt plain, but it’s the most famous one. The enormous surrealist landscape in Bolivia’s highlands is incredibly impressive and beautiful.

Patagonia: this natural wonder can be found at the southern tip of South America and is a natural highlight. From the impressive Perito Moreno mountain to the high peaks in Torres del Paine. A must see for nature lovers!

wonders in nature worldwide


Chocolate Hills: this less famous place on the Philippines is definitely a must for nature lovers! Unfortunately, the Chocolate Hills don’t consist of chocolate, but it’s thanks its name to the color of the hills in the dry season. You wcanll find this wonder in nature on the island of Bohol.

Great Barrier Reef: on the northeast coast of Australia lies the Great Barrier Reef. With an extension of more than 2500 kilometers, this is the largest coral reef in the world! Book a flight and take your wetsuit with you because you need to see these tropical fish, sharks and turtles, before it’s too late.

wonders in nature worldwide

Great Barrier Reef

Iguazú-waterfalls: these waterfalls are a real natural wonder! The violence of the water pouring into the ravine can be watched from both the Brazilian side and the Argentinian side from special viewpoints. Nice: the nickname of these fierce waterfalls is Devil’s Throat.

Deadvlei: in the middle of the African desert in Namibia you can find Deadvlei. This photogenic clay plains with surrounding round sand dunes and some trees are so beautiful. Tip: make sure you are on time for the most impressive sunrise in the morning.

wonders in nature worldwide


Banff National Park: in this beautiful park in Canada you can find amazing bright blue lakes, green forests and snowy mountain peaks, WOW! Stay in a lodge on Lake Louise or Lake Moraine and relax.

Grand Canyon: everyone knows the Grand Canyon in the United States of course. The great clough in northern Arizona is a favorite visiting spot among the tourists. I can totally understand! The view both along the North and South Rim is breathtaking.

wonders of nature worldwide

Grand Canyon

Bromo: on the Indonesian island Java you can find one of the most beautiful volcanoes of Asia, the Bromo volcano. This volcano is located between a spectacular landscape and two other volcanoes. Nice: for a fantastic experience, watch the sunrise from the edge of the crater!

Which natural wonders of the world do you want to visit?

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