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Skinny Latte & blogging! My coffee moment.

8 June 2014

Coffee talk for Skinny Latte lovers!

As you all know I’m a true coffee enthusiast. I don’t want to call myself an addict…. but it’s a close call. I drink a lot of coffee. And by a lot I mean very much. My favourite is the latte. More in specific: Skinny Lattes. The low fat virus hit me when I studied in Austin 8 years ago.

Nowadays no one looks surprised when you order a Skinny Latte in Amsterdam. And it doesn’t matter is it’s -10 or +25 degrees, I drink my lattes iced. Period. Because the Skinny Latte from Starbucks is super popular they now also sell them at the supermarket. YUP! Sounds great right?

My daily coffee moments are my ‘me time’. Also when I’m on the go! When I’m on the road I always grab an iced coffee from the freezer at the supermarket or gass station. When I’m traveling to Paris by train with my love or when I’m driving to a meeting. A Skinny Latte is how I roll!

I’m almost always on the road for Your Little Black Book, so when I’m at home in the weekends I like to relax, blog and drink coffee in my sugar all day. Every Saturday the same story… around 10 am I open my laptop, make my coffee and start working on my blog.

So I’m very happy that I don’t have to ice my coffee myself anymore but that I can simply buy Starbucks Discoveries Skinny Latte from the supermarket in the fridge next to the milk. Very convenient! In comparison to other iced coffees this Skinny Latte has less calories because of the low fat milk and less sugar.

Just like other Starbucks coffee the Starbucks Discoveries are made from 100% Fair-trade arabica espresso roasted beans, 75% milk and 100% Fair-trade sugar. Other flavours from Starbucks Discoveries are: Seattle Latte, Caramel Macchiato Latte and Chocolate Mocha Latte.

Are you a coffee lover like me? And do you like it best when it’s skinny and iced? I’m curious to hear from you!


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