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Rotterdam: 5 hotspots to check out

27 October 2015

Discover our favourite Rotterdam hotspots in this video

Rotterdam is one of our favourite cities to go to on a day trip. Or to stay the night or the whole weekend! I really like to see the raw and more realness Rotterdam has to offer. No nonsense, that’s how you could describe the city. What always strikes me is the distances between the nice hotspots in Rotterdam. But do like me: use the OV bike to get to your favourite spots from the station! It was on a beautiful Sunday afternoon when I rode past 5 nice hotspots in the city centre of Rotterdam. Which ones? Check it in the video below:


Handy: the OV-bike

Last summer I discovered the OV-bike. What a great solution! To travel by train to a different city (so I can keep blogging while I’m travelling) and after that I can grab a bike at the station to ride from one hotspot to the other. The same as I do in Amsterdam! For only € 3,15 (per 24 hours) you can rent an OV-bike at the station. You do need to have a personal OV-card (those yellow ones with photo). You pay a € 10,- membership fee and you can rent a bike from almost every train station.

Are you planning a day trip to a different city? Go by train and rent an OV-bike to ride past your favourite hotspots! So much more fun than taking the car or tram :-).

Tip: NS has a special on offer at the moment. For only € 35,- you get an off-peak hours card with 40% discount and an OV-bike membership.

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