Snorkeling places worldwide

Cape Town

10 x snorkeling places worldwide that you want to visit

11 August 2021


YES, summer is coming and that means sun, beach days and lots of water fun! My favorite thing to do in the water? Snorkeling! And then on the most beautiful snorkeling places worldwide of course. Nothing is better than a fresh dip after a long day relaxing on the beach. You already see yourself floating between turtles and sea snakes?

AFAR gathered over 40 snorkeling places worldwide and these are our favorite 10 places we would like to snorkel right now!


Cape Range National Park: it won’t get much better than snorkeling at one of the beautiful white beaches of Turquoise Bay. The water is crystal clear, making it possible for most of the exotic fishes to be seen during daytime. Here you will find, next to colorful fish, pristine coral as well, which certainly is an exception in the underwater world. Tip: don’t be scared when you see a baby-hammershark.

Cancun under water museum: under the waters of the Cancun coast you will find hundreds of statues. A nice addition to the Cancun sandy beaches. Of course, we all know statues on the land, but the Cancun Underwater Museum offers snorkeling and diving tours through an underwater museum. This is something different from a simple tourist photo on the beach. Make sure you have an underwater camera, because you want to show this at home!

Snorkeling places worldwide


Molokini Island Preserve: one of the nicest places to snorkel in Hawaï is the Molokini Crater. Snorkelers and divers visit this place especially for the pristine water and special types of fish hiding in the many little craters along the Maui coast. The easiest way to get to Molokini is to book a boat trip at one of the local tourist organizations.

Whale shark adventure: whale shark swimming is an unforgettable experience and is definitely on my bucket list! These giant floating animals don’t hurt people and are impressive to see. From Isla Mujures in Mexico you can, with the right equipment including a wetsuit, sign up for different shark tours. Tip: If you have your own wetsuit please bring it, this way you will save some money!

Cenote Calaveras: in this magic place you can snorkel in an underground river system. Cenotes are caves were a river, filled with exotic fish, flows through. During this amazing experience you can snorkel, dive and completely relax. If it’s your first time, go with a guide who can guide you through the caves.

Crystal River: in this river in Florida you can swim with sea cows, and oh my; who would not want that? The temperature of the water is a bit on the cold side, but that feeling disappears after seeing these animals enjoying their freedom in the clear blue waters. Ohh, this seems so nice ! You can rent a small boat and snorkel at Sunshine River Tours and you are ready to go.

Snorkeling places worldwide


Cape Town: this city has so much to offer, but who knew that the underwater world was so interesting. You can snorkel with the most adorable animals of the Atlantic Ocean, seals. Are you getting excited yet? Also, you can get your diving license in Cape Town or go on an adventure with one of the other snorkel tours such as snorkeling over an sunken ship. For a wide variety of underwater tours, go to the Blue Scuba Dive Center.

Iboih: in this small village in Indonesia you can relax in your own ‘lodge’. From this place you jump into the clear turquoise sea water and swim or snorkel with different types of colorful fish. Visit the island of Rubiah for snorkeling trips with a different offer. I want to go here ASAP, you too?

Zanzibar: there are several islands with tropical beaches and clear seawater on the coast of Tanzania. On the island of Zanzibar you can go for diving and snorkeling tours. You will find colorful coral reefs and tropical fish including sea turtles and whale sharks. Close to the islands like Mafiaisland or Pemba Island you can also snorkel very well. This sounds so great, going to put it on my bucket list!

Snorkeling places worldwide


Ninamu resort: is the newest resort in Tikehau, which is part of the Tuamotu Islands. The resort is the only resort on the island and only consists of 6 bungalows. There are no roads, cars or other people and this the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. How relaxing!

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