korean bbq 101


Korean BBQ 101: the hottest food trend right now!

15 April 2016

Have you ever done Korean BBQ? Asian gourmet ;-)

It maybe not the right weather to use the barbecue already, but this food trend is totally hot this spring; Korean BBQ. I absolutely love this food trend, it’s so delicious. And it reminds me of gourmet, which I also love. NO JOKE. Every time I visit a big city like New York, I can’t resist myself and look up the nearest Korean BBQ restaurant, so we can at least eat there once (or more). A real lowspot with an ugly interior, but with the best food! Let me tell you all about this trend in this Korean bbq 101!

Korean BBQ 101: what you need to know about this food trend!

They don’t use an actual barbecue for Korean BBQ, but a grill in the middle of the table. You have to prepare your own dishes right at the spot, so it is a bit the same as gourmet, but healthier and much more tasty! You use different kinds of meat, such as beef, pork an duck. Or fish, like squid, in combination with a tasty marinade.

As you grill the meat, you cut it in thin slices. Yes, you cut it, with scissors! Then you eat the meat with lettuce with kimchi, garlic and spicy sauce. At most Korean BBQ restaurants, you get everything you eat in the lettuce leaf as side dishes. The best Korean BBQ dish? Without a doubt, Bulgolgi! For this dish, beef is marinated in a mixture of soy, sesame oil, garlic, pepper, onion and brown sugar. You can also try to make this dish at home. It’s so tasty!

There are several Korean BBQ restaurants in The Netherlands already, but more are coming since this trend is becoming so popular. One of my favorite Korean BBQ restaurants in Amsterdam is Yokiyo. You should try it!


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