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Free your own turtle at Koh Talu Island (Thailand!)

21 December 2014

Private beaching at Koh Talu Beach resort!

I travel a lot. But my experience freeing a turtle is one of my most special travel adventures. Ever!

Thailand is so beautiful. Bangkok is one of my favourite cities in Asia. With so many cool places to check out. But after the busy city life it’s time to relax at one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands. And Yes, Koh Pipi, Koh Tao and Ko Pagnang are Islands that immediately pop-up in your head. But I have a fairly unknown one to share. One with limited availability and where you don’t stumble over buckets, but turtles!

Koh Talu Island is an island just an hour from the mainland of Prachuapkhirikhan. There’s only one resort on the island. So the only choice you have to make is standard or deluxe room! Koh Talu Island resort is nothing like the fancy condo’s with private pools that you see on the other islands though. I would say it’s more authentic and local.

Koh Talu Thailand

4 reasons to go to Koh Talu Island resort:

Private beaching!
RELAXING at the private beach: really beside you and the people staying in the cabin next to you…. there’s nobody on the island. It’s private as can be!

Koh Talu Thailand
S Snorkelling Snorkelling at the protected corals: the coastal line of Koh Talu Island is packed with the most beautiful corals. Especially the snorkelling spot near the rocks has so many beautiful sea life! When staying at Koh Talu Island you can even help creating new coral by seeding new coral on the bottom of the sea. If you go back in 10 years you can check how much it grew! This project is supported by the government and one of the eco projects of Koh Talu Island resort.

Koh Talu Thailand
Massages from dusk till dawn
Really… You can’t go to Thailand without having a massage (every day!). The ladies at Koh Talu Island resort sure know what they are doing. Relax while you hear the sea and the wind…

Koh Talu Thailand
Freeing a turtle
For me this is the number one reason to go to Koh Talu Island! Every year four sea turtles go back to Koh Talu Island to drop their eggs on the beach. These little turtles in the making are now protected. The eggs are harvested and kept in special rooms to nurture them. When the tiny little turtles are born they go in one of the aquariums until they are 9 months old.

Koh Talu Thailand Koh Talu Thailand

This is where the fun part comes in… as soon as they are 9 months old guests of Koh Talu Island resort may release a turtle during their stay. And trust me… this is SPECIAL! You can even give your turtle a name.

My turtle is named Bär, which is the nickname for my love ;-). Since they have a strict schedule when to release the turtles it can happen that you have to ‘share’ one. I shared mine with Sabine who also came on the blog trip with me. But don’t worry you just give it a double name then ;-).

Koh Talu Thailand Koh Talu Thailand

And then the special moment is there… Time to free my lithe Bär! WOW, so special to bring a turtle to the ocean for the first time. My Bär was such a cool guy, he instinctually knew what to do and jumped into the ocean. FREE!

Koh Talu Thailand

And off he swam… away… into the big wild ocean!

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More information about Thailand!

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