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10 x most scary travel destinations for halloween worldwide

30 October 2022
Photo credit: Pripyat Amusement Park

get ready for halloween with these scary travel destinations worldwide

The days are getting shorter and the night falls sooner. It’s time for you to snuggle up comfortably in your fleece blanket on the couch. But wait! Don’t get too comfortable … it’s time for Halloween. Discover haunted villages, amusement parks  or even islands. We were amazed at the Yourlbb office how many scary destinations there are in the world (way too many if you ask me). The chills will run over your back while reading this article. Would you dare to travel to a haunted destination? Below are the 10 x most scary travel destinations worldwide for Halloween.

10 x most scary travel destinations for halloween worldwide

Suicide forest: The Aokigahara forest in Japan certainly belongs in this scary list. This place in Japan is known for its hundreds of suicides in the woods, inspired by the book The Black Sea of Trees. There are between 50 and 100 bodies found per year. Nowadays there are signs in the forest saying to talk with your family first before commiting suicide … very creepy.
Fujikawaguchiko, Minamitsuru District, 401-0300, Japan – aokigaharaforest.com

Island of dolls: Although the name sounds fun and cute, this is definitely the most creepy place on earth ever. It has never meant to be a place for tourists. A young girl has drowned in the river where a local found her doll a little later. He hung it on a tree and so on. Hundreds of dolls are scattered in trees over this small island. Witnesses swear that they see them moving or hear them whispering…
Xochimilco, San Lorenzo, Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico – isladelasmunecas.com

Island of dolls // © Isla de las muñecas

Overtoun bridge: Oh no! Don’t go here with your sweet puppy. There have already been dozens of dogs jumped off the bridge. For sure it starts to get strange if this happens so often. Even dogs who survive the accident, still make the same mistake and die a few months later. This mysterious happening keeps many people busy and there have been many researches what could be the reason for it..
Campbell Ave, Dumbarton G82 3PQ, United Kingdom

Mary King’s close: One of the most haunted places in the world is Mary King’s close. After the plague broke out in the 17th century, these underground tunnels were abandoned. Yet, the ghosts of the victims continued to live. Still these days footsteps are heard and a girl named Annie …
2 Warriston’s Cl, High St, Edinburgh EH1 1PG, United Kingdom – realmarykingsclose.com

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The Death Railway: Within 16 months the 415 kilometer long railway was built in 1942. During the construction of this railway, 15.000 prisoners of war died. They were buried next to the railway line, but later buried to one of the 3 patches. That does not mean that the spirits no longer hang around. Nowadays you can visit the train rails and you will not pass The Death Railway without having chills from head to toe.
Kwaiyai Rd, Ban Tai, Chang Wat Kanchanaburi 71000, Thailand 

Amusement park: This park in Pripyat is empty and haunted since the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl. The park has never been opened because the disaster occurred on April 26th and the park would open on May 1st. An impressive park because everything is still as it was left behind. You can go with different guides to visit this, or do you dare to go alone there? ;-)
Pripjat, Oblast Kiev, Ukraine

Amusement park Pripyat // © Photorator

Mount Everest: Is this famous mountain really on this list? We think it should be! 1 in 30 people die on their way to the top of this mountain. More than 200 people have not reached their final goal. Adventurers therefore regularly pass dead bodies of people on the way up. There is even a section called rainbow valley by all the colored winter coats lying there.

The Catacombs: Bones of about six million Parisians are spread in these underground tunnels in Paris. Due to health reasons, the bones of cemeteries were moved to the catacombs. Very impressive and scary to see these stacked bones.
1 Avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy, 75014 Paris, France- catacombes.paris.fr/

Bodie: This abandoned gold seekers ghost town in the Bodie hills once had 10,000 inhabitants. Nowadays, no single person can be found. In 1932 a fire already destroyed a small part of Bodie. Now you can walk through the empty streets of an ever so rich village. The mix of alcohol, money and gold would have been the recipe for many murders.
Bodie, California, USA – bodie.com

Bodie // © Visit California

Tower of London: The Tower of London is the most visited place in England. This is not only because of its rich history, but also for its spirits. It has served as a royal palace and after that it has served many other things, like a prison for example. In total, only 7 people were killed in the tower. That’s not a lot compared to other locations, but that does not mean there are less spirits hanging around …
St Katharine’s & Wapping, London, EC3N 4AB, United Kingdom

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Photocredits: Edinburgh spotlight
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